Holiday Home Makeover Project #5

Sunday, December 18, 2011
Saturdays are for projects.  This was actually last Saturday’s project that Im just now getting around to posting.  Abi and Britain worked tirelessly on this one with me.  Id definitely recommend a low-temp glue gun if you’re going to have little people helping tho!


Popcorn Wreaths
Walmart is sponsoring several home-makeover holiday projects.  These are all simple and budget-friendly.  You cant get much cheaper than popcorn!  I was a little nervous about whether we could pull off popcorn wreaths without them looking like an elementary school project, but I was pleasantly surprised! 
Simple inexpensive foam pipe covers worked as the frame for our wreaths.  ($2.97 at Walmart gives you enough to make 4 wreaths).
Cut to desired length and bend into a circle securing with clear mailing tape.
If you can find white foam, great.  If not, simply coat black foam with a layer of white spray paint (tack on another .96 cents)
Begin gluing pop corn all over the wreath using glue gun.  We found this to be a bit time-intensive, but took a short cut by not putting popcorn on the back of the wreath…..
….this will also allow it to lay more neatly against your window.
Leave taped area at top of the wreath without popcorn so you have room to wrap a ribbon and affix a bow.  We dangled some ornaments ($2.50 for a box of 12 glass balls) with clear fishing line to add a little sparkle.  
My kitchen is blue & white, but obviously, you could add whatever color ribbons and ornaments accented your room’s palette.
But, speaking of blue and white…..look at this little cherub I found under my tree….
Heaven-sent for sure!

Holiday Home Makeover #2 and 3

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
C returned from 3 weeks away today.  We are so excited to have him back and now it officially “feels” like Christmas to have our entire family under one roof.  Poor guy tho, he noted that the bathroom (that Ive been in the process of painting for…..um……6 months) is still one coat away from being finished.  “But,” he said (attempting to validate my lack of progress) “there sure are a lot of decorations up“!
Indeed!  I may have strung lights over the banister without dusting it, and it may be slim-pickings in the pantry because Ive been putting off going to the store, but Im checking a few things off my “Pinterest” list.

With Walmart sponsoring a few homespun Christmas crafts, the layer of glitter on the floor speaks for where my priorities have been.

Glitter Pinecones:

Walmart has all different varieties of glitter depending on the style you want.  We went with classic silver.  You may remember we shared the how-to on these last year.  This project is super kid-friendly and we get the whole gang involved.  This time, we tried using craft bond spray instead of painting the pinecones and found that the glitter just didnt stick as well as when you really get the pinecone “goopy” with glue from a paint brush.  This year, it was warm enough to do it on our back porch which made clean up much easier.  Its truly the eighth wonder of the world how far glitter can spread when you have 8 or 10 “helping” hands!

Cranberry Snow Globes/Mantle Decor
Epsom Salts .88c
Cranberries $1.68
Poinsettia Plants $3.47

A simple statement!  Select various sized glass jars (jelly, jam, salsa, pickle, dressing) or mason jars.  The more variety, the better.  Layer cranberries over epsom salts and add a votive candle to the top for an elegant evening glow.  Tie tops with ribbon or twine and sprigs of greens.  Intersperse glitter pinecones, greens and a striking poinsettia here and there and…..Voila.

Our family just had a surprise package delivered from a dear friend in WA with new monogrammed stockings for the whole family!!  Love, love, LOVE these cozy Scandinavian style stockings.  Oh, and did I mention our friend hand-embroidered the personalized stocking tags!  a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!

And this has been really funny!  If you have children or nieces or nephews, you’ll want check this out!  Yes, we “do” Santa a little bit at our house.  The children all know that Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and that is the emphasis, but they are only little for a short while and pretending is fun…..

This is a link to a video message you can create personalized from Santa to your child, be they naughty or nice.  Putting in pictures makes it really personal!  The kids have each had a day that they got a video message and it has made us all laugh so much!  

Enjoy merry, mess and memory making!

Holiday Home Makeover #1

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Especially at this time of year, I know we are all trying to stretch the dollar.  The opportunities are endless to give and bless others in need…..to treat our little ones to something special on their wish list….and hosting even simple holiday get-togethers can take a chunk out of savings.  Then there is the home.  The never-ending list of repairs and maintenance means the budget for “extras” is whittled down pretty quickly. It’s going to be a homespun, made from scratch, Pinteresting sort of Christmas in the Smith home.

Every homemaker aspires to the art of making a house a home while still being a good steward and honoring the budget.  Tho Im no expert and get completely overwhelmed by hard-core couponers, I do come from a long line of inventive make-something-out-of-nothing women I love finding creative uses for unusual things.  Additionally, Im super excited that Walmart has teamed up and is sponsoring 8 Holiday Home Makeover Do-It-Yourself projects that I get to share with you.  “Save Money.  Live Better”….shall we?  These projects will require very little skill (1) because Im just not that skilled and 2) because I typically have 8 or 10 little hands “helping”🙂 and will be low-budget simple projects that make a fun statement.

Hope you can have as much fun creating as we have!

Here’s our first:
Winter Wonderland Tablescape

Glass jars
Frosty Snow – $2.50* (a huge bag that we will use for other projects)
White spray paint – .96*
Craft Bond spray adhesive $3.47*
Small silver balls $3.27*

 *Walmart prices

Lay newspaper out in your workspace and select your jars.  I used Jelly, Olive and Tomato Sauce jars.  Wine bottles or cheap vases would also work nicely! 
Spray jars coating them with white spray paint.  Several white coats will sufficiently cover them.  Once they are dry, spray a layer of Craft Bond Spray Adhesive over the entire jar.  While still tacky, roll in Frosty Snow glitter.
*the kids loved this job!

Next, lay your twigs out on newspaper and spray them white as well.  It will take several coats on these as wood tends to “absorb” the paint.
Stage your tablescape over a white tablecloth.  I used small silver ornaments from Walmart, but anything you already have could be substituted.  Intersperse with white votive candles in wine glasses or crystal condiment dishes.  Add a little silver ribbon and some accent baubles, and your finished.

Super easy.  Super fun.  

It was a German Apple pancake dinner at our house aside our glittering winter wonderland.  

And that, my friends, is as close as this southern girl cares to get to snow all this winter thank-you-very-much! 🙂