Holiday Home Makeover #1

Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Especially at this time of year, I know we are all trying to stretch the dollar.  The opportunities are endless to give and bless others in need… treat our little ones to something special on their wish list….and hosting even simple holiday get-togethers can take a chunk out of savings.  Then there is the home.  The never-ending list of repairs and maintenance means the budget for “extras” is whittled down pretty quickly. It’s going to be a homespun, made from scratch, Pinteresting sort of Christmas in the Smith home.

Every homemaker aspires to the art of making a house a home while still being a good steward and honoring the budget.  Tho Im no expert and get completely overwhelmed by hard-core couponers, I do come from a long line of inventive make-something-out-of-nothing women I love finding creative uses for unusual things.  Additionally, Im super excited that Walmart has teamed up and is sponsoring 8 Holiday Home Makeover Do-It-Yourself projects that I get to share with you.  “Save Money.  Live Better”….shall we?  These projects will require very little skill (1) because Im just not that skilled and 2) because I typically have 8 or 10 little hands “helping”🙂 and will be low-budget simple projects that make a fun statement.

Hope you can have as much fun creating as we have!

Here’s our first:
Winter Wonderland Tablescape

Glass jars
Frosty Snow – $2.50* (a huge bag that we will use for other projects)
White spray paint – .96*
Craft Bond spray adhesive $3.47*
Small silver balls $3.27*

 *Walmart prices

Lay newspaper out in your workspace and select your jars.  I used Jelly, Olive and Tomato Sauce jars.  Wine bottles or cheap vases would also work nicely! 
Spray jars coating them with white spray paint.  Several white coats will sufficiently cover them.  Once they are dry, spray a layer of Craft Bond Spray Adhesive over the entire jar.  While still tacky, roll in Frosty Snow glitter.
*the kids loved this job!

Next, lay your twigs out on newspaper and spray them white as well.  It will take several coats on these as wood tends to “absorb” the paint.
Stage your tablescape over a white tablecloth.  I used small silver ornaments from Walmart, but anything you already have could be substituted.  Intersperse with white votive candles in wine glasses or crystal condiment dishes.  Add a little silver ribbon and some accent baubles, and your finished.

Super easy.  Super fun.  

It was a German Apple pancake dinner at our house aside our glittering winter wonderland.  

And that, my friends, is as close as this southern girl cares to get to snow all this winter thank-you-very-much! 🙂

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