Holiday Home Makeover Project #5

Sunday, December 18, 2011
Saturdays are for projects.  This was actually last Saturday’s project that Im just now getting around to posting.  Abi and Britain worked tirelessly on this one with me.  Id definitely recommend a low-temp glue gun if you’re going to have little people helping tho!


Popcorn Wreaths
Walmart is sponsoring several home-makeover holiday projects.  These are all simple and budget-friendly.  You cant get much cheaper than popcorn!  I was a little nervous about whether we could pull off popcorn wreaths without them looking like an elementary school project, but I was pleasantly surprised! 
Simple inexpensive foam pipe covers worked as the frame for our wreaths.  ($2.97 at Walmart gives you enough to make 4 wreaths).
Cut to desired length and bend into a circle securing with clear mailing tape.
If you can find white foam, great.  If not, simply coat black foam with a layer of white spray paint (tack on another .96 cents)
Begin gluing pop corn all over the wreath using glue gun.  We found this to be a bit time-intensive, but took a short cut by not putting popcorn on the back of the wreath…..
….this will also allow it to lay more neatly against your window.
Leave taped area at top of the wreath without popcorn so you have room to wrap a ribbon and affix a bow.  We dangled some ornaments ($2.50 for a box of 12 glass balls) with clear fishing line to add a little sparkle.  
My kitchen is blue & white, but obviously, you could add whatever color ribbons and ornaments accented your room’s palette.
But, speaking of blue and white…..look at this little cherub I found under my tree….
Heaven-sent for sure!

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