Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We’re still hanging out here at the MUSC hospital.

After almost being sent home on oxygen over the weekend, a new doctor came in on Monday morning with a more conservative view and decided to keep us here until they can get to the bottom of why Evie is having trouble breathing on her own.
…but relieved at the same time!
Really appreciate that this doctor is a perfectionist and wants Evie at 100% before we leave. They anticipate keeping us here a few more days.
Pulmonary specialists have been called in to consult about her lungs. They are beginning a mist treatment to expel any mucous in her lungs. They have taken her off oxygen but just monitor her closely to see how she handles breathing on her own. No more tape or tubes on her face now. What a sweetie underneath it all! She started smiling the last couple days. When you’ve never seen expressions other than grimaces of pain on your childs face, the curly grin is even sweeter!
Grandmoni brought the sisters to visit and play today. We’re all feeling the weight of being a fractured family with C in Ukraine, Tristan in California, the girls in Columbia and me in Charleston. While there has been an abundant measure of God’s grace for each of us in this hard time, we are so ready to be reunited as a family again. Britain (3) seems to be having the hardest time, so pray for her little heart too!

C has been blessed with much help from our dear friends in Kiev as he works this week to pack up our apartment.
Ive had visits and care packages from precious women who have come to encouraged my heart while Im alone here.
Kids are having a great time with grandparents
Healing for Evie to be complete – soon!
Thankful for the prayers that continue to lift and strengthen us! We praise God for every miraculous day he gives this little life!
“The Lord will keep you from all harm – he will watch over your life;
the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.”
Ps. 121:7

Monday, February 18, 2008

We’re mere days away from discharge. Evangeline continues to improve. She’s been pleasant…awake…wide-eyed and snuggly! Doctors are running final blood work, ECHO’s, X-rays and trials before we get the OK to leave. The biggest hold up remains that she continues to have trouble breathing on her own without the oxygen. There is a possibility they may send us home with oxygen, which we really hope to avoid! Pray that her lungs would heal and strengthen so they can function without the help of oxygen.

A big day yesterday. My mother and sister, C’s parents and four lively siblings came to visit Evie. Quite a crowd for a tiny hospital room! Evie even got to go for a “walk”. Hooked up portable oxygen and wheeled her around in the stroller while the kids played hard in the fantastic kids atrium here. She’s almost starting to feel like a “normal” baby again.
Second point of prayer is that Evie is not gaining weight yet. Doctors dont seem too concerned about weight gain, stating that post-op babies are often very slow to gain, so they are ready to send us home on oxygen if necessary, but I would really like to see her breathing on her own and adding a few ounces before we leave. No one wants to leave more than I do, but I’ll feel much more confident if she’s a bit stronger!
Tristan is on his way to California with Patti & Dwight and the girls are getting special time with Grandmoni and Aunt Josie in Columbia waiting for us to be discharged and come home. While its not under the circumstances any of us would have chosen, its been really sweet to see the kids enjoying time and bonding with grandparents in a capacity they’ve never been able to while we’ve been living in Ukraine. They are definitely feeling the strain of being a fractured family though, so continue to pray for their tender little hearts too!
We’ve seen the Lord do miracles in this precious life. We’ve laughed that she must be the most prayed-for little tyke in history with prayer warriors all over the globe fighting this battle on her behalf and witnessing the Lord do great and marvelous things. May her little life be a testimony that brings Him glory!!
Mandy and Evie

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Evie’s daddy left this morning for Ukraine. We’re so grateful this little girl is seeming strong enough that we felt at peace about him going.

These last weeks have tested and tried us in ways we could never have imagined. C has been my rock – steadfastly exuding an unshakable faith when our world has been crumbling. We’ve been on the verge of loosing Evie, and C’s response at that pivotal moment has been to remind me that she is in God’s hands…that we have dedicated her to the Lord and given her back to Him. Probably every marriage has those defining moments with the potential to grow in your love for each other by walking hand-in-hand through the darkest night. Im grateful for ours, seeing anew the man of God I have been blessed with in C. His absence will be acutely felt in these next days.

It became apparent early after Evie’s diagnosis, that our life in Ukraine was going to be terminated sooner than we’d planned because of the extensive follow up Evie will need under the supervision of doctors for the next year. Once life settles a bit, that is another grief we will have to process…difficult to not have closure on ministry, relationships and the life we’ve built these last 5 years. So, pray for C as he delegates responsibility, ties up loose ends, packs up our home and ships the car back over these next weeks.

..they are talking about discharge over the weekend.

Fever is down.
Blood and urine cultures have come back negative for infection.
Heart arrhythmia has stabilized under the new medication.
Eating well, so the NG tube has been pulled.
…slowly weaning off all the wires and attachments and becoming more “touchable”…pretty cute baby under it all!

The last big thing is that Evie needs to wean off oxygen completely. She’s only receiving a tenth of a liter, but couldnt hold her own when they tried to wean her off today.

Thank you for continuing to hold us in prayer. God is healing!!
Mandy and Evie