Tuesday, November 16, 2010

After a two year process, I crossed my fingers and sent off my 48 page certification packet about 6 weeks ago for review by DONA International. I completed my interview today and was awarded the initials CD(DONA) before my name.
Whoop whoop!
Im now an “officially” licensed Birth Doula!

Loving my job. The amazing women Im blessed to interact with. The sacred experience of seeing a new life brought into the world. Holding wriggly, squirming new pink bundles. The sleepless nights and the joyful mornings! What a miracle each birth is!

  • Danielle says:

    Yay for you!!!! Congratulations…if I ever do that pregnant thing…you will totally be the one I call!!!

  • Faith M. says:

    Congratulations, friend! I know you’ve worked hard for this.

  • Lacey says:

    How fantastic! Congrats, and thank you so much for our girly cookies! We loved them!
    I tell Ray that I can’t believe that I was in Ukraine! It seems like a dream. Was I really freezing my buns off, trying to communicate with people that thought I was nuts!

  • Crystal... says:

    YAY… wish we lived closer.. I would totally have you come help with my next baby!!!

  • Congrats!! I’m sure you’re a WONDERFUL Doula! 🙂

  • Donna says:

    What neat experiences you will have…you’ll be great at it! You will be such a blessing to so many new lives!!!

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  • Zoe Love says:

    Awesome! So glad you were a part of Zoe’s birth…. wouldn’t have been the same without you!

  • Sarah Durham says:

    Congratulations, Mandy!!

  • Know that feeling of accomplishment! Congrats and I hope you celebrate!

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