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Sunday, May 21, 2017
Bright lights, big city……the whole of Bangkok pulses with the beat of karaoke bars.  The smell of street food trucks bustling for their place alongside bike stands crowd the sidewalks as pedestrian traffic jockeys for position.  Its a weekend night on Thonglor and we’ve taken the guesswork out for you on where to find the best bars and bistros, spas and salons, restaurants and relaxation!

Best Spa
Lets Relax Onsen & Spa

Ill be honest, I had to google “what is an onsen” when I first heard it mentioned.
Hungary has their public baths.
Russia has their Banyas.
And now, thanks to the brand new Grand Centerpoint Hotel’s Lets Relax Spa, Bangkok has an authentic Japanese inspired Onsen.  Nude bathing may be a concept new to us in the western world, but be assured that every precaution is taken to protect your privacy….(no phone or camera devices or anything allowed on the premises of the the baths).
Set aside your inhibitions (and your towel) and “When in Rome…

Hot springs bathing surrounded by waterfall, bamboo and pristine sauna and steam rooms, directly in the heart of Thonglor.  This is undisputedly one of the most sensory exhilarating spa experiences Ive ever encountered!

Men and women have separate wings allocated for bathing in pools that each contain properties beneficial for health and mindfulness.  5 pools of varying temperatures and components for relaxation, rejuvenation and refreshment with the ultimate opportunity to unwind, unhurried.  The hot mineral bath alleviates joint pain, silk bath infused with oxygenating bubbles is good for the skin, the soda bath is detoxifying and whirlpool bath with therapeutic jets to massage and invigorate will render you fully relaxed. Slip into the frigid temps of the cooling bath to support your body’s metabolic function and circulation in between your hot bath soaks!

For the ultimate treat, lounge in sauna or steam room with a built in shower.
Bathed in hot steam while sitting in the jet of a cool shower is the epitome of paradise!
If you need a break from the intensity of the baths, shower off and take a rest in the “hot stone bath” (reminiscent of childhood summer days laying out on sunbathed concrete and being warmed through to your core!?) or the “cooling room” (a nook that rapidly cools and balances you after prolonged exposure to heat in the baths).  There is a “relaxation room” as well adorned with pillows and lounge mats to just unwind and hydrate before going back to the baths for another round.

Onsen can be enjoyed alone or you can tack on a massage treatment or spa package for a real pampering treat!  Your Onsen experience comes with no time limit making this the ultimate spa experience!
Onsen is 650 baht per person (buy 10 vouchers, get one free)
6 month and year-long memberships also available for the true Onsen enthusiast!  (25,000 – 40,000 baht)



Best Foot Massage

Step away from the hub-bub of crowds and chaos and take a load off.  We’ve sourced foot massage spots all along the Thonglor strip and believe we’ve unearthed the best!    In the heart of the Japanese district on Thonglor, is a sister-run business which we return to over and over!  Just a few meters from Samitivej hospital down Soi 13, you’ll see the glass front shop of Nami.

While cleanliness and ambiance take a backseat in some street-side spots, Nami is an immaculate haven for the weary soul and tired feet.  But a great foot massage isnt the only thing that sets Nami apart.  Our favorite feature is the refreshing aroma of eucalyptus which greets you upon entering the spa.   Competitive prices for superior treatment makes this an easy choice among the plethora of massage options.  Comfy cushioned chairs and the glass windows to the outside world give this spa an open, airy ambiance.  You’ll find the staff consistent in uniform and technique which also gives Nami an edge over other massage spots in the neighborhood.  We’re certain you’ll leave feeling pampered with plans to return again!
Open daily from 9:30am – 11:00pm



Best Salon

Going for a haircut can be daunting, especially if you do it as infrequently as I do.  Im afraid that hair-care gets bumped to the bottom of the mile-long-priority-list most of the time and  I sadly resign myself to the ‘mom-do’….the ponytail.  Baby #7 did a number on me and I had a lot of thinning in the months postpartum thanks to hormones.  It was high-time my tresses got some tender-loving-care.

CHALACHOL undertook the brave mission of makeover for my hair.  We all know that the hard water here is no friend to hair and the humidity fosters frizz.  My hair was pretty damaged and lifeless.  CHALACHOL carefully assessed the situation and got to working their magic.

Ill be honest, the shampoo was the best “me time” Ive had in weeks.  I may have fallen asleep during the 15 minute head-massage.  Bliss!  And there is just nothing like that good “squeaky clean” of a salon shampoo!  An expert hairdresser assessed my hair and concocted a special formula to restore shine, softness and smooth my damage and split ends.  After administering and sitting under a steam for 15 minute, the scissor-master then took over with a swift and efficient trimming out of my split ends while still maintaining the length I love.
While English was limited among the staff, I found them very helpful and if you have a picture of what you are going for in hairstyle (as I did), they are excellent at emulating your desired look.  And a week and several washes and blow drys at home later, I can honestly say I can tell a considerable difference in my hair health, luster and manageability!

CHALACHOL is a trendy hairdressing shop on the corner of Thonglor 9.  They offer the full gamut of styling services and hair care specialties for men and women.  Good news for those living outside the Thonglor area…in addition to their swanky salon on Thonglor 9, they have 17 other locations around the city and even in Rayong and Chiangmai!

Best Bar

Snail gets a thumbs up from us mostly for the location and entertainment.  This unconventional bar is situated in the Arena 10 complex on Thonglor 10 and attracts the night crowd with their unique venue that is set up like an outdoor amphitheater with live music every night.  Grab a table anywhere in the two-tier enclosure in which there isn’t a bad seat in the house.  If the steamy Bangkok climate is too much for you, there is an air conditioned room (which we opted for) that still has great acoustics and view of the entertainment.  Fun atmosphere and mood lighting.  Here you can chill with friends over cocktails and enjoy entertainment of first rate bands and soloists or watch a soccer match on the TV.

SNAIL is open from 6:00pm until 2:00am for you night-owls!

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