Where the Wild Things Are

Thursday, March 24, 2011
We have a new family member!
No, baby is still tucked in, but we’ve hatched an addition to the Smith clan…..
(dont we need a little more excitement around here?)
Coming home from church on Sunday, daddy found a little critter in our driveway. Tristan has a new pet turtle. Barely the size of a silver dollar, this lil’ guy is quite the object of affection around here! Tristan created a habitat in a fish bowl and we made a trip to WalMart for turtle food.

The cute part is this….Tristan had a tiny pet turtle just like this one when we lived in Ukraine. It was our entertainment during long months shut inside with sub-zero temperatures. Tristan was heartbroken 3 years ago when we moved to the states and we had to give “Crush” to his friend Evan to take care of. Evan’s mom just wrote me recently to tell us Crush is still kickin’!

So our adopted pet has been named “Crush II”
Bless his heart. How would YOU like to be in a fish bowl with 5 pairs of eyes ever on you?
So blessed to have the life we live for rough and tumble boy. Surrounded by girls, Im so glad he can escape to the great outdoors. The lake. Critters and creepers of all shapes and sizes. The tree frogs will start their screeching soon. The little green lizards will be basking in the sun on our porch. There are tadpoles to be caught. Snakes to handle. The finch family that comes back every year is nesting again outside our door. This used-to-be suburban momma may be raising rednecks, but I’m sure loving every moment!

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