Wedding Weekend

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pardon my delinquency for not posting sooner. Our Wedding Weekend was a blur activity and color…..rekindled friendship, gathering of generations, God glorified through the marriage of a beautiful new couple, satin gowns, sprays of orchids and a thousand precious moments.
The rehearsal dinner on my parents lawn ended up being an exquisite evening. A pre-dinner shower cooled the sweltering temperature and kept mosquitos at bay. Sparkly tiki torches, floating candles in the pool and white chair covers transformed the back yard into a gala event.
The lovely Scheidt-ladies extended. My three sisters and three sisters-in-love!
Granddenny with his two little Flower-girls-to-be at the Rehearsal.

They did it!! We practiced their “princess walk” down the hall by their bedroom for weeks.
Izzy would recite the rules “Smile and walk slooooowly!”
At the wedding, Evie walked the entire length of the aisle with her bouquet of flowers covering her face so she didnt have to look at anyone.
But she did walk. I cant complain!

While we all boogied on the dance floor and toasted the bride and groom, Evie found a quiet corner under our table and took a much needed nap and woke just in time for cake.

I just love how she’s looking at her new Aunt Lina in this picture with such adoration. A real life princess!
He who finds a wife, finds a good thing.
My brother is a very blessed man!
Welcome to the family Celina!
Izzy and her favorite dance partner, Uncle Isaac.

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