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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

After nearly 8 weeks in hibernation, Evie saw her pediatrician today.  She gets a glowing gold star.  While being sequestered over the holidays was a disappointment, it was a small price to pay for the healthy, babbling, happy toddler she appears to be today.  This is the longest she has ever been out of acute care.  Her “coming-out-party” is this weekend.  A belated 1st Birthday party to celebrate a milestone we have wondered many times if she would ever make!  We’re so excited to be decking the halls with pink and welcoming friends and family to join us in giving thanks to God for this life…for this year!

Im putting together a book of sorts for her birthday.  Something for her years later to look back on and see how the Lords hand was on her life from the very beginning.  Im printing off letters, e-mails, scriptures from this last year from friends and family who have been touched by her life…who have prayed for her…who have seen God do an amazing work.  If anyone would like to contribute a letter of blessing to include in Evie’s testimony book, please e-mail me:

She has moved out of the “red zone” in her weight too…from a measly 5th percentile to a whopping 10th percentile – progress!  We’ll take it one step at a time.
An endoscopy has been scheduled on the 2nd of March back in Charleston at MUSC.  At the same time, they will do another PH probe study.  The GI specialist felt her results were so severe that he wants to make sure it wasn’t compromised in some way, so is doing another.  Im grateful that he is cautiously moving forward.  With the information gained and biopsies of her stomach, we will then have to consider the necessity of another major operation on her little tummy.
We were fortunate not to land in the hospital yesterday when big brother Tristan took a tumble off his skateboard.  He seems to have inherited his daddy’s insatiable love for speed AND his propensity to accidents and battle scars.  Poor guy!  The first of many, no doubt!


  • Jess says:

    Yeah Evie!!! We can’t wait to see you this weekend!
    Love, Jess

  • Zach says:

    Wow! What a trooper she is… So thankful for those 5 percentage points and praying for more. Love that little girl.

    Tell Tristan to hang in there. Battle scars aren’t fun but they sure look cool!

  • I don’t think I have ever commented on your blog. I loved reading Evie’s story! I’m glad that she is gaining weight and staying healthy!

    Heart friends from AZ
    Owen’s Mom

  • Heidi Ann says:

    How wonderful it must be to celebrate a whole year of having her. She is precious and so darling, how lucky you are. I’m so glad she can have a birthday party, every little one year old needs a party and she definitely earned hers! Give her a birthday smooch for me on her little cheek.

    We got your package in the mail. You are so generous and sweet. The blondies were thrilled to get the fun Valentines, they felt pretty special. And my bracelet is perfect, I love it! I wear it every day!! Thank you…for everything.

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