Two Cute

Friday, May 31, 2013
When my child hit the “terrible twos” at 16 months, naturally I concluded that she was highly advanced and a child prodigy.
Likely, she would be potty trained by 18 months, reading by 2 and Ivy League schools would be offering her scholarships in middle school.

Well, my genius child is still in the throes of “twodom” and all that implies.

Lest you be fooled by these angelic eyes…….

….take a look at the meltdown when Mommy told her the M&M’s were all gone during her little photoshoot…..

Yep…thats the “ugly cry”
She was such a pill when I took her pictures, that I took her out again next day and tried a reshoot to get a couple “2-year-old” pictures.
(Since obviously we dont already have enough pictures of this child:)

Again she was totally not into sitting and smiling….

“little miss BOSSY”

Aaah well…..who would believe perfectly posed pictures of a “still” 2-year-old anyway?  Here’s the best of the bunch of our wild-n-crazy, sweet-n-sassy, little lady.
Sure do love this little booger!


Doll face

Special thanks to my sweet friends at Layne James (shirt), Evie n Lizzie (pants) and Addys Attic (necklace & headband) for putting together her little birthday outfit!

  • cici says:

    Watch out Boys. There will be many broken hearted ones in her lifetime! 😉

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  • Rebecca says:

    TWO Cute indeed!!! 🙂 I love a girl with sass! Look at those hands on her hips…girlfriend’s got the whole world wrapped around her pinky!

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