Touching Base From Atlanta

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank you to all of you who have sent messages for Maggie. I will continue to pass those along through next week if the Lord prompts you!

With C out of the country for three weeks, I came to Atlanta for help with my crazy crew and back-to-back celebrations in the “Scheidt” household.

So proud of my little brother and his girlfriend who celebrated their college graduation last weekend with degrees in architecture. A great gathering with intown relatives and her sweet family who traveled from Jamaica. It was a ritzy reception around a pool by my sister’s classy condo. Wouldn’t you know it – Tristan couldn’t make it through the afternoon without landing in the pool (dress shirt, leather dockers and all!)
We celebrated Mother’s Day with a lovely brunch as a family and celebrated my amazing mother. Always fun to have siblings gathered and a gaggle of cousins to play with! I was pampered and spoiled and smothered with sticky kisses from those I am blessed to mother! My Mother taught my kids a little song they presented to me which unfortunately I cant get the video to upload at this time – bummer!

Mother and her four daughters.

Girls Night…Most of my childhood girlfriends still live in Atlanta. We had a great evening at my favorite little French restaurant where I waitressed in highschool. Between the four of us who have children, there is a tally of 19 kids under 10-years old!! Small wonder we needed a night OUT!

My little ones are passing countless hours in Grandenny’s pool soaking up sun. Aaah…summer!!!

  • Donna says:

    Love the pic of the kids with their sunglasses…too cute!!

  • OH these are great photos!!! I am glad to see you are having a great time in Atlanta!!!!

  • The next time your in Atlanta give us a shout. We would love to meet you.

  • Greatpictures!!! I think you and I have similar picture taking styles… especially when it comes to our kids. I just posted some pictures of my son’s birthday party, if you care to take a look…

    Glad to hear you had some time out with your friends and got to make so many special memories with your family. Your kids are gorgeous. in looks, total opposites of my five.

    Well, wanted to check in and say that Maggie has continually been on my heart, and I have been praying for her and her family.

    Blessings and peace, and Joy unspeakable to both your family and hers…

    Happy “day that the lord has made” to you!!!

    Celita 🙂

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