Time Warp

Monday, January 28, 2013

You State-side friends are sleeping on Sunday night….we’re well into our Monday craziness.  Cant wrap my mind around that!

Crazy, busy, God-inspired, opportunity-rich, culturally-diverse first weekend here!

We have a church here that we are able to integrate into pretty quickly.  They seem to share a lot of our values and are very missional and we love the feel of an International church – “every tribe and tongue and nation!”  We were invited to a home-group Friday night for dinner and bible study together.  A great multi-cultural blend…Thais, South Africans, Brits, Singaporeans, Burmese and Americans.  Blessed by the time gathered together people who love Jesus from all walks of life.    

Our furniture was supposed to arrive Friday (its a “furnished” apartment, so the building provides mattresses and a couple couches and all kitchen appliances).  When Sunday rolled around and we still didnt have any, I asked our landlord who laughed…..no, no, no….. it’s not due to arrive until NEXT Friday.  
So….we’ve got a great big empty apartment.  Would be awesome for rollerskating or bowling….
….if we had pins or skates:)

Saturday we ventured to Chatuchak.  An enormous open-air market/bazar.  A lot of fun and cheap shopping but thoroughly overwhelming….and hot and crowded!  We passed a processional of Buddhist monks several miles long.  We are thinking it was a funeral.  

Thousands of Thai people lining the street with red carpet and millions of jasmine flowers.  So many many people lost in darkness here!  Its sobering!

It wasnt “restful” but Sunday certainly was enjoyable!  We ventured to church, cramming all 9 of us into a single tuk-tuk for the ride.  Quite a sight to beheld:)  In the afternoon, the little girls and I took another tuk-tuk to visit a friend who works with the Embassy and has two kids.  

We got lost.

With my “Tinglish” (Thai/English) I tried to communicate with our driver where I needed to go.

We made it…..eventually.

Im feeling like I could conquer the world now!

Upon return home, our landlord insisted on sharing left-overs from their family gathering in celebration of his sisters graduation from Medical school.  He kindly sent up several Northern Thai dishes for us to sample.  We’re really loving our location and the neat people we’ve met in our building!

Spicy, spicy!!  Evie hyperventilating!  

Today (Monday) we dove back into homeschooling.  A great first day with lots accomplished.  Covered Bible, Social Studies, Spanish, Math, Typing, Reading and Language Arts.  Kids were troopers.  And C was awesome (curriculum coordinator/headmaster:)  Since we still have no furniture, our big empty living room provides a great school room.

Im waiting for the bomb to drop.  
I anticipated a lot more hiccups and heartaches.  
I know we are still in the “honeymoon” period of the move, but we have clearly felt prayers so acutely and have seen God answer so many specific requests!  Thank you all for standing in the gap for us!

Fun facts.  
30 thai baht = $1.00 USD
You can take a taxi almost anywhere in the city for under 120 thai baht ($4)
Gigi’s favorite new food – dried seaweed (gross!)
You must remove shoes before going into any Thai home
Its between 80-90 degrees every day here (and its the “cold” season)
Our dining room chairs are upholstered in white!  How long do you think that’ll last?  (Kids, food and white – not a great combination!) 

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