The Unveiling

Friday, March 12, 2010

For 5 years, we lived in a tiny two room apartment in a concrete sky-rise building in Ukraine. It was very cozy, but worked fine with the twins and Britain in bunk beds in one room and the baby in a pack-n-play in the room with C and I.
Since returning to the states, I have had a pet project for the past year. Knowing that we will probably only be settled state side for a short period of time before going back overseas, I had one great aspiration in domesticating our rustic little house on the lake.
Id like to think Im low maintenance. I can live with a hole in the ceiling in my dining room. The 1970’s teal paint in the downstairs bedroom can be ignored. But I desperately wanted to create a dreamy little girls room. These days of tea sets and baby dolls are fleeting. I have a couple finishing touches still to be placed, but here is the nearly finished West Wing… Many thanks to some lovely ladies who helped inspire our Strawberries and Chocolate Suite!
Lauren, Izzy LOVES her oh-so-soft minky bedding!
The dollhouse my grandfather made for me when I turned 6.
Rebecca, the monogrammed pillows are such a nice touch!
These sweet knobs were custom painted by Rachel to go with the brown, pink & polka dot theme.
My amazingly talented sister is a portrait artist. Look what she surprised me with for my birthday!
Thanks to Jenise for the girls adorable matching purses and Nitzia for this perfectly girly hairbow holder!

My mother let me take the tiny tea table that was mine when I was a child!

Laura, the lettering turned out perfectly!
Sweet Dreams baby girls!! Mommy loves you!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow that’s a lotta pink!

  • Donna says:

    So feminine and sweet!!

  • Tiffany says:

    so so soooooooo cute!!! Perfect for a little girl!

  • lauren says:

    Mandy, the room is just adorable!! You created some wonderful childhood memories for them!!!


  • that room is adorable and it looks like you could take most of it with you when you move

  • All I can say….wow!! What a fun place!!

  • Lacey says:

    Oh that is a beautiful room! I can’t wait to someday decorate a little girls room!

  • Nitzia says:

    lovely… so glad the bow holder is being helpful to organize your bows! it looks so cute in there:)

  • daysease says:

    Dear Mandy…
    Oh, how God has stretched me immensely in this area. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out. I ACHE for a girly space for my daughter. With four brothers and barely any space to breath, while waiting for an addition to be completed… well, it is a project 2 1/2 years waiting to be started, and it is still so super slow going… She needs it. I dream of making her a window seat to just sit, play, read, dream. I dream of making special, unique things like monogrammed pillows and initial letters for above her bed.

    Now we have the three older boys bedded in one room, and the two younger ones in beds/cribs in my and my husband’s room. Not always comfortable, but I KNOW that the closeness has bound our family together. I know that once the addition is done, I will absolutely love it, love the extra privacy and freedom to be, create, and such… but, I also know that I will terribly miss the closeness. Anyhow… thanks for sharing. I hope to be able to create a special space for my baby girl soon. and for the boys, too. I just want them to have a “sanctuary” of their own to just “be”. You know?

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