The Mirror of Marriage

Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Nine years ago, on the beach at sunset, under a canopy of storm clouds, we said “I do“.
Im so glad we did!

God displayed His presence through thunder, lightening and a rainbow.
With the tide lapping at our feet, we exchanged vows and promised forever.
For better or for worse.
…we have been blessed with both.
Its not all candle-light and long stem roses.
(Although, this romantic guy surprised me with something for our anniversary that I cant wait to share with you in another post).
Marriage is a mirror. It holds my reflection of myself painfully close to my face somedays. It forces me to see the real me. The distortions in my heart. My self centeredness. My unforgiveness. My wrong motives.
The facade is down with C and he gets the unabridged version of Mandy…the good, the bad and the ugly. The less-than-perfect me. My stuff. My baggage. My inadequacies. The wonderful days and the terrible ones.
Face to face with the reflection of who I am when my attitude is ungracious, I myself do not like who I am. C, Im sure, does not like my behavior either….and yet, his love is relentless. He is the most vivid evidence of the unconditional love the Lord has for me. He is always the first to try to make amends. He refuses to let a disagreement go unresolved. He continues to pursue me and I love that he talks and plans and dreams about growing old together.
There is no doubt in my mind that C was God’s perfect will for me. We had a discussion recently about how little conflict we would have if we’d married someone more like ourselves.
Alike, we are not!
But for this we are grateful! The refining process the Lord brings through intimacy with someone so unlike me is the mirror that He uses to show me the work He is completing in my heart. I am humbled and incredibly grateful for the one chosen to walk this road of life by my side….reflecting both Christ work in me, and the steadfast love of the Lord through this man.

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