The Little Mermaid

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This one’s for my dad – an all-American swimmer who once beat the legendary Mark Spits who holds 7 Olympic medals. Doubtless, Daddy has anticipated that out of his 11 children and 13 grands, there would emerge an Olympic hopeful….perhaps the 2026 games:-) Evie is a fish in water. I think with all her chronic lung issues, she’s just become very comfortable with lack of oxygen and fluid on her lungs. She just cant get enough of the pool and we’ve had to keep a very close eye on this little dare-devil!

Wrapping up our time in Cali and hitting the long road back to Montana tomorrow for a few more weeks of work. Sharing a few favorite pictures of our sunny summer memories…

Montage Beach…. arguably the most beautiful beach Ive ever seen.
A great date at the Getty Center at sunset overlooking LA
Swim time with Auntie Jo
A favorite of mine. Twinship = the best of friends!

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