Thats How We Roll

Friday, October 18, 2013

After Evie and I got stranded on this street yesterday during the thick of a monsoon………..

….the sunshine has never looked as beautiful as it did this morning!!
The water receded.  
The storm clouds dissipated.  
And we had a great first day of FALL BREAK filled with sunshine and good friends….
Eleven people crowded in a tiny tuk-tuk….our new personal record!

My friends Jenny and I took our gangs bowling.  
9 kids 11 and under in a bowling alley.
Call me crazy, but we had a blast.
In addition to bumpers on the gutters, they also had this fancy contraption….a ball ramp.  To make sure the ball actually gains enough momentum with little people rolling that it is guaranteed to make it down the lane.  Made the experience awesome for our little people! 
(Ok, Im not gonna lie…the bumpers helped me a time or two too!)

Tristan is claiming his handicap of only one functional arm as his excuse for getting beat by Jenny by one point. 🙂

Excited for 10 days with all my crazy kiddos home.  Instead of campfires and mountain climbing, we’ll be hanging by the pool.  And instead of crockpot meals and apple cider, we have picnics in the park planned.  Loving fall break in a tropical climate!
Thats how we roll!!!

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