Taylor’s Gift

Saturday, October 2, 2010
For my heart-mom friends out there. A must see! Im absolutely a puddle now!

  • Rachel C says:

    Wow. I’m crying like a baby after watching that. Hearing that heartbeat – that’s your first connection with your baby before they are even out of the womb. I can’t imagine having to hear one of my baby’s hearts beating in someone elses body. Amazing.

  • Wow…wow. There are no words. Only tears. Incredible.

  • Crystal... says:

    Oh my… tears are flowin’… what an amazing story!

  • Jane says:

    Now there are several puddles! As a mother of 3 healthy, grown kids, I can only imagine the grief and anguish those parents have been through, and then the joy of hearing their daughters heart beat on.
    As a grandmother of a heart kiddo, I stand amazed at the kindness of that life-giving gift.

  • Sarah says:

    In puddles with you! That is one of the most powerfully precious stories!

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