Synagis and Sleep

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What do you do in a family with 4 girls and only one bath tub?


Utilize the sink!!

Yesterday was Evie’s 6th and final Synagis shot of the year. We are delighted to say goodbye to RSV season. Only severely compromised babies qualify for RSV immunizations, so we’re very grateful for the doctors who advocated her heart and lung issues to see that insurance took care of her. And to the tune of $2,500 per shot, there certainly would have been no other way!

Last night was a milestone. Evie slept almost 7 hours straight. (Too bad her daddy was out of town and missed it:-) Yes, I know the Ezzo’s would raise their eyebrow at a 14 month-old who doesn’t routinely sleep through the night, but I think they need to write a sequel for special needs babies. During healing after her surgery, we were told it might not be safe for her heart to cry. Then in recent months, her reflux has caused her such discomfort that she wakes repeatedly throughout the night in pain. I know we have created a monster, but I have no regrets. I remember in PCICU after her surgery – she had not eaten in over a week and was being sustained on IV fluids and lipids. When they allowed me to begin breast-feeding again, C and I spent the night in the car in a hospital parking lot so I could go see her every 3 hours to offer her food. It was a rough road to retrain her to eat and I vowed then that I would never, NEVER complain about being woken up at night. I just wanted my baby home….beside me…begging to be fed throughout the night. So I have no complaints.

But, I do feel like a new woman after 7 hrs. of unbroken sleep!

Movie time after baths

  • It must have been a good night for sleep! Hutton slept all night too. That has NEVER happened. I think she was tuckered out from an emotional echo. I enjoyed my sleep too! I’ll be praying for another one tonight!

  • Emily says:

    There is nothing like a good night’s sleep. Olivia used to sleep 12-13 hrs straight but after she had RSV in January she gets up in the middle of the night now. I should make her cry but I am not ready to do that yet.

  • Heidi Ann says:

    Isn’t it amazing what sleep can do for a girl! Congrats and yeah for Evie! I too have made a similar vow of no complaining, whining, or grumbling due to loss sleep of my kids! Never again! Your girlies are darling and you are SO nice to let them make a huge mess in your kitchen, much nicer than me! 🙂

  • Kelly says:

    Praise the Lord!!! I know you feel like a new woman!! Way to go!! I am so proud of you friend! Oh I miss you here!! Love on those precious kids for us….Hannah just said tonight how sad she was that Abi wasn’t here to play! We have got to connect this summer!!! You guys are so dear to us!!

  • Jess says:

    We will be there at the Heart Walk on Saturday. Hopefully the rain will hold off until the afternoon. We hope to see y’all there. I would love to see you again!
    Glad to hear about the good nights sleep. Lorelei used to sleep through the night but since Dec when she had RSV and the stomach bug within 2 weeks of each other she gets up at least once a night! Talk to you soon.
    Love, Jess

  • Nevaeh says:

    ohhhh to have that much sleep must have been a dream! Yay! for the last shot! Nevaeh had her last shot as well and i am happy to be done with RSV season as well.

  • Sarah Leech (pcicu nurse) says:

    Evie looks SO good…she is such a beautiful little girl! All your children are beautiful! Hope all is well!

  • Mary says:

    I had that couch! What a sweet blog post. Sleep is a good thing. I hope our guys get some sleep tonight? They are working hard. I start watching Soren on Tuesday. I can’t wait! Love, Mary

  • monarte says:

    Praise God for your Baby Girls Healing. Praise Him for your other 3 angels.
    Praise Him for your sleep. (more will come as time moves on) Just Praise Him! May The Lord Jesus the Messiah continue to bless your family with more of His mighty Love. As you pray for Stellan, (I am too). I ask that you add our friends Baby, Elijah, to your Prayer list. You can go to my Blog, by clicking on Monarte, and read of his fight against A brain Tumor with Cancer, and ask all you know to pray with Us for His Healing. Thank you. I will continue to follow your blog to her more about your beautiful family, Much Love and many Blessings, Mona

  • Donna says:

    The sink-bath picture made me giggle…I have one of my sister and me in the sink from 100 years ago when we were little! Precious times!! Glad you got some rest… 🙂

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