Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally getting around to an update after Evies Cardiology visit this week.  Her heart function is great – PRAISE THE LORD!  Dr. Shuler did an ECHO and said her leaky valve appears to have mended (leaky valves can sometimes lead to future surgeries in TGA patients).  Also, her VSD (hole in her heart) is almost closed.  The good news is, the valve is not becoming more leaky…the bad news is, this leak is what allowed them to measure if Evie’s pulmonary hypertension is getting better or worse, so we no longer have a gage.  

The only real concern from a cardiology standpoint is her constant elevated heart-rate (resting, rate is 130 and should be 80)  This could be a internal pacemaker that over time will reset itself, or could be indication of anemia or a thyroid issue.  The Dr. wants an EKG monitor on her for 24 hours to record her rates for him to evaluate.  We will do that during her hospitalization next week.
The little darling is passing big milestones with her birthday fast approaching.  She finally has her two front teeth, says “ma-ma” & “da-da”, gives kisses (big wet ones:-) and took two steps to me yesterday!  What a joy to watch her growing!  

  • JShaffer says:

    Way to go, Evie!!!! Keep healing, keep growing, keep fighting! The Lord’s hands on your little life are so evident and so strong! We love you and your amazing family!
    Lisa, Sonora, & Jon

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