Sweet 16 x 2

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

We spent last weekend in Atlanta.  A big-kids-only getaway to celebrate our twins turning sweet-16!  We told them to pack a bag and kidnapped Tristan and Abi for two days of fun at a teenage playground – Six Flags over Georgia!

These two are team players and being the oldest siblings means they get asked to help out….a lot.
We had the best time getting to do a little mini vacay at their pace.  Say yes to their every whim.  No little peoples naps to work around or schedule to keep.  We played hard, stayed up late, laughed a lot, screamed our heads off and hit as many dizzying rides as we could!!

Chad and I realized somewhere standing in line for the iconic Scream Machine, that we were at least 15 years older than everyone else there.  We may be cool parents, but we are not as young as we once were, evidenced by the fact that I ended up sick in the bathroom after one too many high thrill adrenaline charged loop-de-loop roller coasters!

Here’s to these two who made us parents!  I will never, ever, ever forget the moment 6 months into our pregnancy, finding out in the middle of an ultrasound that there was not one, but two little babies swimming around inside of me!  Ive got these two to thank for stretch marks after being a self-contained minivan for 40+ weeks, but this wild ride of parenting has been one-million times worth it!

Happy Birthday to our twins!  We are so honored to get to parent you and blessed by the integrity we see characterizing your lives as you both seek to grow in your pursuit of Christ!
We love you!!


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