Sunday Morning Surprise

Thursday, February 10, 2011
C returned very late Saturday from two weeks in Cuba. After 14 days as a “fractured family” we used our day of rest on Sunday to….well…, and had decided that instead of going to church, we’d have family time together celebrating the Lords day.
I preface with all this to explain why I was still in bed at 10:00 on Sunday morning. C and I were reading something together when we heard a male voice downstairs. I was baffled at who would be inside our home, uninvited, on a Sunday morning. I threw on some clothes and bounded downstairs literally running into my sister Katherine and her boyfriend Derek who live three and four hours away from us.
Wierd, huh?
Before I could even greet her, she flashed her left hand and screamed, “IM ENGAGED!!”
We both screamed at glass-shattering decibels and my poor kids looked on in shock as we did the happy dance and cried.
I was beyond blessed that they drove all the way to tell us in person. They had a brief 2 hours and brunch with us before they had to drive all the way back for a Super Bowl party to tell other friends. Cant believe my baby sister and dearest friend is getting married! What a lucky guy!
And what a great guy I’ve got!! C let me take off for 24 hours to drive to Atlanta this week for the preliminary dress shopping. Had the best night out with my sisters and mother watching Katherine try on gorgeous gowns and then chatting about it over dinner and coffee at a favorite swanky intown cafe. Katherine and I spent hours pouring over magazines and online analyzing taffeta, silk and organza. Researching locations, caterers and photographers. Dreaming about her big day.
Got a laugh when I went into a store and bought Katherine a bridal magazine. The cashier checking me out said, “Oh honey, congratulations! You getting married?”
You’d think my bulging belly bump would be an indicator otherwise.
Um…! This would be my sixth pregnancy. My wedding was 10 years ago!”

Congratulations to the future Mrs. Schuber and my wonderful new brother-in-law!

  • Karen says:

    Yeah!! Congrats Katherine!! This is so exciting! 🙂

  • Congrats to your sister!!

    Oh, my gosh! I thought that was YOU in that first picture!! You two could be TWINS! WOW!

    Have fun wedding planning. 🙂

  • scottybecca says:

    Congrats to Katherine! And what a wonderful way to share it with you. And just FYI – Anthropologie unveils their brand new wedding line on Monday! Just in time to inspire. Here’s the link:

  • Donna says:

    What a beautiful bride she will be!! That first pic is just adorable of the two of them!! How amazing that she drove to tell you…that says something special about your relationship. Looking forward to a new baby AND a wedding…sweet.
    I’d be really interested to know why your hubby was in Cuba…yes, just nosey…but so interesting! I bet THAT was an amazing experience too!

  • Rebecca says:

    Now there are two S girls glowing!!! I am so very happy for Katherine! He truly has to be an incredible guy to be so deserving of the amazing sister you have! YAY!!!!

  • Lacey says:

    How great, and how cute that they drove all the way to your house to tell you! Congrats to the happy couple!

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