Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tristan: “Daddy, is it always warm in Florida?”

C: “Yep”

Tristan: “Does it never snow here?”

Ch: “Nope”

Tristan: “Then, can we stay forever and ever?”

A boy after my own heart! After 5 years in Ukraine, Ive seen enough snow to last a lifetime.

I don’t wish for a white Christmas.

There is no inner conflict when I see palm trees instead of evergreens decked out in white twinkle lights.

The sand.

The sun.

The vastness of the ocean

…all so therapeutic and reminders of magnitude of the Lords embrace.

My favorite childhood memories are on the beach…

C grew up a California surfer-dude…

We were married on the beach at sunset in the middle of a thunderstorm…

Many of our most cherished moments have been those with the tide lapping at our feet. This week was no exception. Evie’s first beach trip. All the “firsts” with her hold special significance. The little bathing beauty (with her silver scar peeking above her suit line) loved the beach. Of course she did…she’s a Smith. We watched her teething on shells and wiggling her tiny toes in the sand. What a joy to see her loving life, healthy today, soaking up sun and delighting in the Lords gifts to her!

We played hard… And slept hard…

And just so you know, this is what happens when your two-year-old insists that she can put her bathing suit on “BY MYSELF”!

Enjoy the pics of our crazy bunch. Hope you can taste the salty-sea-spray and for those of you praying for snow, steer clear of me!

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