Wednesday, June 2, 2010
Ive hardly had a chance to post this week. School is OUT and we’ve been so busy packing as much fun into every day as we can! When we do return at the end of the day from our adventures, Ive been too pooped to post!

We’ve been to:
A movie
A magic show
Check out books at the Library
5 Dr’s appointments
A birthday party
Over the next couple days, we’ve planned:
A play date a Chick-fil-A
A concert
A trip to the zoo
More immunizations 🙁
And some very special guests coming to visit and swim today!! (will share pics later!)
I LOVE summer! I love my life! Love the freedom to throw schedule out the window. We play hard. Eat junk. Run wild. Stay up late. Move a little slower in the morning. Eat breakfast in our pajamas. Read books. Live in our bathing suits. Watch movies. Blow bubbles. Take naps. Make homemade lemonade and watch sunsets on our lake.

Life is beautiful!

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