Summer Snapshots

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

18 Summers.
Thats all you get!

My summers with my littles are flying past faster than I can bear, but we’re making the most of each and every one!
   “Loosening the apron strings” has been a theme this summer as the older kids start jobs and start driving and grow in independence.  They’ve ‘gone to college’ for soccer camp and flown cross county for summer internships.
Its been a summer of “firsts”.
First drivers licenses and first jobs for big kids.
First time at camp and first spend-the-nights away from home for the little kids.
This raising toddlers and teens stretches my over-protective mommy heart daily! 
 But Im treasuring the fact that they still love time together as a family and that they truly are each others best friends! 

 We’ve woven in some sweet family moments even while scattered all across the US!
Today we’re returning home after 3 weeks on the road. We’ve clocked over 7,000 miles and eaten too much fast-food.  Its been a long and travel-weary journey, but sprinkled with joyful rekindling relationships all across the US, opportunities to share about the ministry, and beautiful scenery from coast-to-coast!  We love roadtrips and exploring the vastness of His creation!  Each new mile and new state boarder and thunderstorm and sunset painted an exquisite canvas as we drove from early morning to late at night.
Highlights included:

  • Reconnecting with friends we haven’t seen since high school
  • Family reunion with California family and a little time at the beach.
  • The beauty of God’s creation enjoying a day at the Grand Canyon in Arizona and a night camping in Colorado
  • Opportunities to share in women’s groups and homes about the ministry of SCP and encouragement through a few new supporters coming on board.
  • The big kids getting to connect with cousins on a road trip with grandparents and a spiritual retreat hosted by Chads parents in CO.
  • Celebration of Chad’s parents 50th anniversary with children and grandchildren gathered to honor them.

    …..Enjoy our little photo-journal of our journey and memories!



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