Stating The Obvious

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

These vinyl decals were plastered on the window in the taxi I rode with my kids today indicating appropriate taxi etiquette for that particular car.

No drugs…no guns….no sex…no dogs…no alcohol….

Does that even need to be clarified?

I dont mean to be inappropriate, but this just gives you a glimpse of our new reality here in Bangkok.  In a sex-saturated society with a notorious red light district, and an estimated 50% of national women who have prostituted themselves at some point in their life, I guess it doesnt just go without saying that certain behaviors are unacceptable in a taxi cab. 

On a lighter note.
There are some FABULOUS things about this city….like the produce co-op we joined.  The day before we go online and order fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, nuts and herbs.  And the next morning, its delivered to our door.  

En masse!  
and cheap!

We have some exotic fruits and are loving trying new things.
A hand of bananas is $2.
We ordered two.
Look at the size of those things!  
Guess we’ll be baking banana bread and going to meet the neighbors:)

Evie and I had a sweet morning alone together (a rarity!)  
C was doing school with the big kids and Laurelle took Izzy and Gigi to the park.  Fitting that I could have some time alone with my girl on this day – the “anniversary” of her heart surgery.  We celebrated her precious life and many answers to prayer with our first baking project in our new kitchen.  Chocolate chip cookies!

Izzy and Gigi tagged along this afternoon for a trip to the furniture store to order bunk beds for the girls dorm.  Cant wait to get their room a little more “settled” once these arrive!  

And we just happened to run into an American pop icon.
…just hangin’ out with Britney.    

Long day absolutely wore lil’ bit out!

Grandma and Grandpa arrive this weekend!  We cant wait to show them around our new city and make some memories!!

  • 50% how sad 🙁 What a needed ministry.
    I LOVE the co-op (and am jealous!)

  • Rebecca says:

    The co-op sounds fun! I’m sure you’ll be making neighbor friends in no time flat! 🙂 What eye opening etiquette stickers, huh? That makes me so sad for so many women who need to know that God values them more than precious jewels…a gift that He has planted you in this new soil for sure. Praying for and with you daily, precious friend!!!

  • michele says:

    Finding a lot of hope and inspiration in this BRAVE journey of yours!! Praying for your family today. 🙂

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