Spoken Too Soon

Friday, October 17, 2008

All that about a month in the clear….So we do the Evie dance….two-steps-forward, one-step-back!

After her gold-star visits with Cardiology and Pulmonology this week, she came home and promptly started misbehaving.  The last two nights, her oxygen saturations have been low 80’s (normal is above 95), she’s developed a nasty, painful ear infection and we changed sheets three times last night because she started throwing up.

Both her Pediatrician and Pulmonologist have urged us to get her back to MUSC for a second evaluation of her heart sooner rather than later.  Her chronic lung disease may or may not be related to a residual heart problem.  They are putting her on oxygen over the weekend and trying to get the referral expedited to have her seen in Charleston early next week.

And just when things were going so well!  
My heart is heavy.  We have seen her far sicker.  We’ve watched her battle much worse, but still it grieves me to see my baby fighting so hard.  These unanswered questions keep me leaning hard into the Lord for assurance.  

Right where He wants me, I know!  

Psalm 62
5)Find rest O my soul in God alone;
My hope comes from Him.
8)Trust Him at all times
Pour your hearts out to Him for God is our refuge.
11) One thing the Lord has spoken, two things I have heard
That You O God are strong 
and that You O Lord are loving!”

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