Sleeping Beauty with my Beauties

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Well…… prior to my own little “Sleeping Beauty” sleeping off morphine in the hospital for almost a week, my girls and I along with some friends enjoyed an absolutely dreamy weekend attending the Columbia City Ballet Sleeping Beauty Performance last week.

Arguably the most notorious kiss in history, this fairy tale story is frequently read at bedtime around our house and the scenes are dramatized in full “Aurora” costume with fairy godmothers, wands, wings and a Prince Charming brother (protesting and running the other direction.) The girls were absolutely intrigued to see the Columbia City Ballet version of the spellbinding tale.  
But first, it was tea time at the Koger Center complete with pink tea, pink cupcakes, pink cookies….and even chocolate “kisses” in keeping with the fairy-tale theme.  
One of our favorite princess friends Emme Grace joined our gaggle of girls….she and Izzy were just little Miss Manners and kept whispering and giggling during the party.  Too cute to look on and watch these lil’ ladies enjoying the “clink” of real china.
  The cast of the ballet came out after the real Sleeping Beauty story was read, to meet and greet the little girls. Can you see the awe in their eyes at seeing a real-life-ballerina complete with tutu, satin pointe shoes and stage make up?!  I was so surprised when Evie struck a pose with the “Bluebird” and said “Mommy, I wanna picture wif her!“. What happened to my shy, retiring child?  
And since every princess needs a crown…..
…there were glittering wands and even crowns to be-dazzle (no little girls party would be complete without some  bling, right?)  
With the exception of a certain little 4 year old (who insisted on sitting on my lap because she didn’t weigh enough to hold her own seat down, 🙂 we all settled into our spots for the 2 hour performance.  
The Columbia City Ballet did a fabulous job breaking it up into three acts for the frequent potty-breaks that were required after several cups of strawberry tea. The girls surprised me by again sitting still as if under a spell during the entire performance. They loved it.
The principal dance Regina Willoughby absolutely defies gravity.  Her outstanding grace and poise as she glides across stage ranks her as a real-life-princess with my girls!

 Izzy was so funny….wide eyed with excitement, she wouldn’t stop asking questions….  
“When are the fairies coming back?” … “Does that baby grow up and become Sleeping Beauty?” … “Why don’t they tell her not to prick her finger?” … “Where do the dancers go when they leave the stage?” …”Is Prince Charming going to rescue her?”    
There is a fine line between fantasy and reality at this age which makes it all the more magical!
Columbia friends, you’ll for sure want to “like” The Columbia City Ballet on Facebook. They have 4 new “Prince” themed ballets that will be debuting in the upcoming season.  And there will be a couple more “teas” before performances you may want to be in-the-know about. Im told they booked up almost instantly this time. Such a hit for moms and daughters!
Our cute mom/daughter friends that joined us.  Scarlett and Georgia looked super cute rocking their own tutus and tiaras!  

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