Should Have Stayed In Bed

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
After starting an antibiotic three days ago for bronchitis, you’d think Id be feeling better. Tuesday was a sleepless night with throbbing ear pain, pounding headache and a locked jaw, I finally scheduled an appointment to go in this morning.
Confirmed double ear infection.
Who knew you could get those at 30?!
While at the doctors office, they agreed to let me do my glucose screening test to save me a scheduled trip in on Monday.
Delicious neon orange carbonated syrup was lovely on an empty, already sick stomach.
Baby dear had a dance party inside of me while I tried to wrangle Izzy and Evie for an hour till they could draw my blood.
With plenty of time and great anticipation of nap-time, we headed home.
A “battery not charging” light began to blink on the suburban. Then all the gage needles swung to zero. The car started to lurch. Turn signal quit working and my hazards wouldn’t come on as I tried to weave over 3 lanes of traffic to exit. Half way up the ramp, the car ground to a halt.
Cars behind me honked.
Izzy explained sweetly, “Mommy, you need to move!”
Two guys stopped and helped me push the suburban to the closest parking lot from where I called my dear friend Sarah to come bail me out of a bind.
(I should mention that C was out of town and unable to be reached by phone.)
Sarah assured me that her fireman husband would come take a look at the car and that she would come pick me up. What she failed to tell me was that her hero husband Ben was bringing the fire crew….with gear….riding in a big red fire engine!
Picture lights, bells and whistles and my daughters in awe!
…..and me cowering in humiliation!
Tristan was SO bummed when he heard about all he missed!
The guys strode up valiantly offering to “rescue the damsels in distress“.
Not my finest hour!
They confirmed that the car was indeed, very, very, very dead! And made sure to bolster my confidence by making remarks about women drivers.
We unloaded car seats, sleeping babies and a backseat full of groceries from my car into Sarah’s. She graciously took me to my in-laws where we proceeded to send Izzy through the doggie door to break into their house so we could get keys for another car to use until our Suburban is towed and repaired.
Turns out Izzy is quite a little Houdini!
With visions of nap time quickly fading, we went to pick up drugs for Mommy and to sit in the carpool line for an hour. Relieved that my day could only get better now that my chicks were under my wing and we were headed home, I resolved that our day would get better.
It was at this moment that Tristan produced a note from his teacher saying he’d hit another student with a book.
MY darling child!
It gets worse…..he hit a girl!!
The rest of the afternoon was of course spent dealing with a disciplinary issue.
Walking in the door and 3 feet from the bathroom, Izzy wet her pants. While I was showering her and cloroxing the floor, Britain dropped a grocery bag and a carton of milk exploded.
Small wonder Tylenol is NOT taking care of my headache!

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