Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So, the plan from here…….

Evie’s pulmonologist contacted us today and wants to move forward with a screening for Cystic Fibrosis. A “sweat test” has been scheduled for Wednesday morning. Its a non-invasive procedure that simply involves collecting sweat from the bottom of a baby’s feet and testing for elevated salt content.

While the waiting game is unnerving, some time to process and ponder over the weekend has been good for me. I feel much more at peace today than I did when the heavy words “Cystic Fibrosis” were first uttered on Friday. I look back over the past 7 months and see amazing grace for unbearable circumstances. How can I doubt that there will be anything less than that for whatever the future holds.

An epiphany about Evangeline’s middle name has been evolving recently. “Shalom” means “peace”. The irony strikes me at times. Why did God give us the name “peace” for our daughter who’s short life has been anything but.
There are names that might seem more appropriate…
Audra = storm
or Achan = trouble
or how about Hermokrates 🙂 = God Saves

But no…God clearly led both C and I to Shalom. And yet this is a different kind of peace altogether. God is teaching us much through this little one. The “peace” He has given us is not serene…it is not winsome or quiet or secure. This is a peace when those very things are crumbling around us at times. A strength. A resolve. Evie is teaching us peace within the storm.

So that is where God is working on my heart as we wait for further tests to be run and conclusions to be drawn. There, resting in that Shalom can we face the unknown.

Thank you for praying for our appointment on Wednesday morning!!!!!

  • Katherine says:

    so timely, the pastor on sunday night was talking about shalom, the peace God gives, and jo and i were discussing Evie. Yeah, ironic, when these have been some of the least tranquil months of our families history. But peace is not necessarily tranquility, but a hope, a promise, an assurance that in Christ, everything WILL be alright.

    a promise from God, our little Evangeline Shalom

  • C~ says:

    can you hear it? the hum of thousands of prayers going up. at our church recently we did a concert of prayer like our brothers and sisters in korea do…all in unison, prayer from our hearts to our Father. that’s what is going up for you, your family and your sweet, sweet Evie…the Bible even talks of a cloud of witnesses cheering us on and lifting us up…knowing mom’s prayer burden for little evie, i am sure there are even voices being lifted from heaven itself…

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