Tuesday, October 15, 2013
She did it!  After laboring since Sunday morning (thats roughly 60 hours….do the math!!), my client delivered a beautiful baby girl this evening.  So proud of this amazing, hard-working momma.  I love my job and the incredible blessing of getting to support moms in labor and witness them bringing life into the world.  That never gets old!!

Suffice to say, Ive been a bit tied up and sleep deprived today and blog content of any value is nonexistant.

Hence, the lame, vain and shallow post containing an iconic selfie…
(Forgive me.  At least I didnt do a cliche kissy face!)

I actually did it!  I tamed the beast!!
After 33 years of unruly locks….impossible frizz, I finally got a handle on things!

My hair has never been my favorite feature!
My mother used to let me get perms in my pre-teen years.
Im a true child of the 80’s.

The next time I attempted to do something spectacular with my hair was when I was 6 month pregnant with the twins.  I tried a perm again.
You know that rule about “never make drastic hair decisions when you are pregnant”?
I second that vote!

Utter disaster.

This led me to get a bob cut shortly after the twins were born.
Also not my brightest move!
Took a long time for that style to grow on me (literally!)

About 5 years after that, living 100,000 miles away from all our family and friends, I got up the courage once more to try something different.  I was feeling brave.  No one I knew lived nearby.  I had months to fix anything I messed up.  C suggested I go blonde, for fun.
But since I was too scared to do it right, I just told them to put the blonde over my natural color….and refused the suggestion to strip my hair down first.
Thus resulting in….not blonde….not brown….but ORANGE hair!

After that, Ive been pretty content to accept my lot in life….hair thats not curly….not straight….and prone to frizz.

That is until I moved to Asia.
If I thought the humidity in the middle of summer in South Carolina was bad, I had no idea!!!
With 110% humidity year round here, there has been no end to my woes.
A messy bun and headband have become my constant companions.
And the occasions that I actually get my hair “fixed”, end up being a total waste of time.  Set foot out of the house here in this tropical climate and my loose curls are instantly transformed into an afro!

For 9 months Ive envied that Asians who have silky straight hair and do not even own a flat iron.

Considering my previous bad hair experiences, I had some legitimate fears about trying something new, but I let my friend Danielle talk me into buying a groupon for 75% off hair rebonding at a cute little neighborhood spa.  What have I really got to loose?  It couldnt turn out worse than orange hair I had had before, right?!

As we sat waiting for 4 hours for the rebonding process to finish, Danielle got out her phone and started reading just how much worse it could get.
“….blah…blah…blah…..”in some cases, you may experience loss of hair“…
Awesome“, I thought.  Im going to end up bald from being vain.

We crossed our fingers seeing that none of the staff at the salon really spoke English….so we werent exactly sure if we were getting the treatment we requested….or getting purple highlights put in.
Hugh sigh of relief when we finished and walked out….still with a head full of hair!
Asian hair!
Its straight and smooth and easy to manage and supposedly, you can just wash and wear it!
Excited to simplify my life and ditch the curling iron every morning!

Im not going to lie, I love my new hair.
Well, loved it anyway….until I go home….and my kids shared their opinions:
Evie: “I kinda keep looking at you and wondering who the strange person is in our house”
Abi: “You told me you were going to get it straightened….but I didnt know it would be so flat!
Britain: “Mmmmm….your hair smells so…..burnt
Tristan: (never one to mince words) “I dont like it“.

Thanks for the vote of confidence guys!

  • Amanda says:

    I have always thought your hair was beautiful, and it still is!

  • cici says:

    Out of the mouths of babes! My son was the first to tell me I suddenly had a mustache and sprouting white hairs.
    I wasn’t sure that was you in the photo at first… It looks lovely as always. The kids don’t want Mom looking too hip 🙂

  • Faith M. says:

    It’s beautiful. Don’t listen to your kids! They just aren’t used to it yet.

  • I love it – but think the post is not complete without a pic from each era!

  • Marisa says:

    Found your blog through a friend…I just forget who now though. Have you waited the 3+ days before washing it? Once you use shampoo, it will add a bit of volume and the volume will slowly come back little by little. And yes, it is wash and go – I love it! The smell goes after 3-4 times of washing it.

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