Sedated ECHO Report

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It was a long wait with a hungry baby who wasnt allowed to eat from 6:00am when Evie woke till her procedure began at 10:30. She was so worn out by the time they gave her the oral sedation, that she dozed off immediately. The proceedure took over an hour and the technician did a very thorough ECHO. Dr. Graham who is a fabulous doctor we got to know when Evie was in ICU read the ECHO and discussed it with us afterwards. The good news is, her heart function looks great. We discussed a few anomolies like her VSD and her pulmonary artery which is slightly narrowed which he said could potentially exasterbate a problem, however could not be the cause of all the trouble she is experiencing. So the bad news is, we still dont know! Dr. Graham has welcomed communication from our Pulmonologist in Columbia, so hopefully the two can collaborate and come up with a plan for what needs to be investigated next.
We left with Evie still feeling very dopey. She was given strict instructions not to drive a car or opperate any heavy machinery for the next 24 hours:-)

We visited the Pediatric Cardiac ICU and the 7C recovery floor…what was our home-away-from-home for nearly a month. We took cookies to our wonderful nurse friends. They are the best. With the hundreds of kids they see every year, it seems they remember every one and love seeing them come back healthy. Its amazing how all the memories and emotion come flooding back. Walking in the hugs metal double doors into ICU …the basin we scrubbed up at every day…the overwhelming sterile smell…the rhythmic constant beeping of dozens of monitors. It was an emotional moment to leave carrying my precious girl. I felt teary remembering the many nights I cried kissing Evie goodnite, exiting the doors and leaving my daughter for someone else to care for through the night. So grateful to be able to carry her out!

We’re headed back to Columbia today. Evie started throwing up last night so Im wondering if she has another bug coming on and another chance for doctors to see her in one of her “spells”. Continue to pray for wisdom for what the next step should be. Thanks for praying us through the latest!

a sleepy girl after her long day!

  • I was thinking of you yesterday and have been today. I am glad that Evie’s heart function looks good. I hope you get some answers soon. My prayers are with you!! And what a precious little Evie picture!!!!

  • Kelly says:

    Praise the Lord for the good news! I know you must feel some relief mixed with frustration! We are continuing to pray! We love you guys! Oh how precious to hold our little ones!!

  • I don’t know if you remember but I meetyou at the Fall Festival at Riverland Hills. My name is Kathy I was the one with dust bunny twins lol. I just read all of Evie’s story and just want you to know that I”m praying for you and her.

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