Scan Report

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Although it hasn’t been analyzed by the physician yet, we have a preliminary reading back.   There appear to be no vascular abnormalities, tumors or reasons for the low oxygen saturations that she frequently has.  Yesterday doctors told us they were looking for damaged lung tissue that may require invasive surgery to remove part of the lung.  We are praising the Lord that this does not look like it will be necessary.  Certainly a relief!!  However, this leaves us again asking the question “why”?!!!  

Our doctor friend who gave us the report was very gentle in her evaluation, but is advising that the next thing to test for is cystic fibrosis.  Its easy to become overwhelmed by the possible “what ifs”.  This precious child is a constant reminder to surrender fears and anxiety before the Lord.  His strength…perfect in our weakness!

Thank you all for praying us through her CT scan today.  Keep lifting her up as we seek to discover and treat her condition.  How blessed I feel to mother this special little girl.  

  • Brooke says:

    Mandy, thank you for updating us. Wow, I wish I were nearby so I could help you or at least be with you right now! I am praying and will continue to. Blessings on all of you! Love, Brooke

  • Kelly says:

    Oh my goodness sweet friend…..I could hardly wait to check my inbox this morning…..I am praising the Lord for a ‘successful’ scan….=) What a fighter! I know it is the Lord who is with you…..I feel so far away….but close to our Lord….who is close you you! We love you guys and miss you dearly……we are headed to Casey’s bday party this morning… wish I was going to see you there too! We are praying for you and your precious little one!
    PS I love the Blog….! I warn you….I will check it regularly! =)

  • oleg and i pray for your family regularly and are happy to have this site as an update. praise the lord that the ct scan came back normal and no lung surgery is necessary! lori enskaya from ukraine

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