Retiring the Terrible Twos

Sunday, May 25, 2014


She joined the “terrible twos club” when she was 18 months old.  So, why was I naive enough to presume that she would let her membership expire on the day she turned 3?  Oh no, we have alumni status now Im afraid evidenced by her epic behavior on her birthday yesterday…..

Someday when she’s the principal dancer with the New York City Ballet, I want to remember the day she first donned her first ballet slippers…..For 6 months now, she has cried each and every week when she goes with me and sits through Evie’s ballet class.  She has begged to join the class.  She’s been in tears watching Evie have all the fun and  “Miss Pink” the teacher promised her that when she turned 3, she would be old enough to join a class.  Gigi has been counting down.  “When I turn free, I go bowee class!”


The long awaited day dawned.  Her momma was as excited as she was.  New pink tutu.  Hairsprayed top knot.  Tights with no holes.  Leather ballet slippers.  Oh the anticipation!  How did I not see how this was going to go…..?

We walked into class, and Gigi immediately put on the pout.  She didn’t want to be in the “baby” class….she wanted to be in Evie’s class across the hall.  The teacher tried to coax her from her sultry perch on the couch but she was so not interested in playing games with ribbons or jumping over a star.  She wanted to do the big girl steps she’s been shadowing Evie doing with her nose pressed against the window each week.  Silly games with other tiny ballerinas……

not happening!

Not one plié.  Not a single pointed toe.  Not a twirl.  We sat out the class with a scrowl on her face until it was time for stickers at the end at which point she enthusiastically accepted.


And as we drove off with mommy contemplating enrolling her in bootcamp instead of ballet, the little rotten looked up at me with those big beautiful baby blues and said “MommyI wuv’d my bowee class !”

So glad.  So glad.


Pretty sure we’re retiring the terrible-twos for the troublesome-threes.  Good thing she’s cute.


Happy Birthday little dumplin’.  You are so adored by all of us and we are so lucky to have you as the bookend to our family.  Never has there been such a loved little girl.

Make a wish…..


  • Rachel C says:

    Cute story – could easily be about my 3 year old!
    I had forgotten until the week she turned three that it is SO much more challenging than age two. Whoever coined the term “terrible twos” had not yet had a three year old!

    • cmsmity says:

      Oh dear!! I must have blocked this out with my other ones. Im thinking we’re going to outgrow this stage….not get worse:)

  • Faith says:

    Oh, dear friend, I would have warned you if I had known you had forgotten. 3’s are most certainly the worst for our little drama queens and kings. I counted down the days until Evie Kait turned 4. We’re still not totally past it, but it is getting better. Reid is in the middle of the whole messy three stage. I saw a funny quote on fb the other day, “Threenager – a person, aged 3 years old, possessing the attitude and demeanor of a teenager.” Sooooooooo my life! I don’t want to be the mom wishing away my childrens’ lives, but I won’t be sad to see the 3’s go out the door.

  • Lona says:

    Love it! We have finally reached our “fantastic fours” and we’re beginning to to enjoy our lives again lol. Two’s and three’s were very challenging years for our little princess.

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