Monday, June 29, 2009

What a difference a year makes.  Last year at this time, I spent two back-to-back weeks with Evie in hospitals in SC and California treating pneumonia, lung collapse and Congestive Heart Failure.  She had IV lines and tubes and a dozen medications. She was so sick.  It was a terrifying stay…and miserable.  We were double roomed with a Latin family who didn’t speak a word of English.  Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents visited at all hours of the day…the baby coughed all night…and the mother watched soap operas (in Spanish) round the clock.  So much for the Hippa laws:-)

Sure, she’s had more hospitalizations, a gazillion Dr. appointments and lots of painful procedures since then, but exactly a year later, Evie is a bouncing bundle of energy.  I love tousling her curls every morning and rocking her every night until her sleepy eyes finally close.  My heart just melts when she says “ma-ma” and signs “I love you”.  It makes me giggle when I watch her wrestle with her big brother.  She’s fiercely defends her toys her toys and sweetly shares her Oreos.  She adores her daddy and puckers up to kiss him goodbye every morning.  Im so proud of the way she endures her daily breathing treatments and medications.  I love that she waves like “Miss America” has a favorite corner of her blanket that she rubs on her nose.  Baby girl, you’ve come a long way.  You’re a miracle and I love ya to pieces! 

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