Put That One Behind Us!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
 Hard to believe all this trauma and drama was just starting a week ago. Goodness Im glad to have this week behind us!
Week Ago Thursday – CT scan to look for source of pain

After drinking the horrible contrast liquid, the CT scan showed that the appendix looked “unremarkable”. 
Turns out, it was indeed “remarkable”.
Sunday night in the Emergency Room
 After four days in pain, we took her to the ER.  A 2:00am ultrasound.  We were told the appendix looked fine and we could go home and follow up with our pediatrician if the pain didn’t subside.  
Does this face look like there is “nothing wrong” to you?

Monday night – admitting to hospital
 Our wonderful Ped referred us to a GI specialist who got us in with a Peds surgeon who immediately diagnosed appendicitis and sent us directly to the hospital.  The Child-Life folks were WONDERFUL with Abi. She was SO upset when we were admitted and told she would need surgery the next morning. They came in promptly with a Build-A-Bear and a colorful pillowcase so her bed wouldn’t look so stark and scary!
Tuesday Morning – All prepped for surgery
 Chad arrived home from 3 weeks in India just in time to kiss Abi and send her off into surgery. 
Of course, “Angel” got a matching surgery cap.
Tuesday Afternoon – thanks morphine for a great nap
Wednesday – first lap around the unit 
 Who looks more miserable?  Daddy who is jet lagged after 36 hours of travel, or Abi?
Friday – Homeward Bound
After fighting an infection and fever, Abi was finally released to come home Friday.   Uncle Adam and Aunt Kerry are responsible for those balloons that about lifted her out of her wheelchair!  She’s very fatigued, but gaining strength and starting to eat a little more every day.
Saturday – doesn’t take much to wear her out
She rested all weekend and laid low.  We tried to send her back to school today (Monday) but it proved too much for her. After 2 hours, her teacher sent her to the nurse because she was pale and in pain.  We brought her home where she crashed and napped.  We will have to work back up to a full school day a little bit at a time.  She has a new Madeline doll (thanks Aunt Di!!) who has a matching “appendectomy” scar and some photographs her surgeon gave her of her appendix (ewwww!) that she’d love to show off!  She still doesn’t have much of an appetite and requires meds to control pain.  But we’re taking baby steps! So proud of sissy for being so brave. Goodness we miss her smile!  We’ll follow up Thursday to check her stitches and get steri-strips removed.  
A little better every day!
On a lighter note, I took Britain for an ice-cream date on Saturday.  (she was having a hard time with mom gone for a week!) Now THIS is how you make an ice cream cone!!
Gigi got to tag along and this picture absolutely makes me laugh!  
What a face!!

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