Puffy Paint and Pinning

Monday, August 1, 2011
Can I get a “woot-woot” from any other “80’s kids” out there? Remember puffy paint?  Anyone else have crafty moms who made Christmas T-shirts and hairbows and decorated their Keds using puffy paint?
I just discovered the greatest thing.
Home made puffy paint.  
So if you’re a mom, a grandmother, a school teacher, an auntie….or have any little people in your life, this was a super easy project with very pleasing results!
1 T. self rising flour
1 T. salt
enough wanter to make a thin paste.

Divide into individual bowls…
Add a few drops of food coloring…
Paint it our thick….
Then microwave on high for 30 seconds and watch it “puff”.

Thank goodness its non-toxic with this little goober around.  
So I’ll confess…This is not a Mandy original.  
I stole this idea from a friend by way of my newest internet addiction…
Anyone else care to admit that they’re staying up until all hours of the night “pinning”?  I have at least one friends husband who is not a happy camper that I introduced his wife to this.  So….if you do happen upon Pinterest, dont say it was me who sent you:)
Basically, its an online bulletin board of sorts.  You know how you always find these amazing ideas or creative DIY projects, but then can never remember how it was that you’re supposed to turn a ball of twine, an old rubber boot and a paper clip into a glittering Christmas tree?  Well, as you browse the internet and find ideas, you simply “pin” them on your board.  
Like this…One of my boards is “Photo Poses I Intend to Steal”,  
When I happened upon this cute shot, I pinned it on my board.
Voila…inspiration for the next time I go to do a shoot…Ive got photo ideas stored away on my photography board.
I have boards for home decorating, organization, recipes, kid crafts (ie. puffy paint) and shower/party ideas.  When Christmas rolls around, I have bookoos of advent ideas and Christmas crafts like this at my finger tips.
And the best part is that its much like Facebook in that I can “follow” all my way-more-crafty-than-I friends.  So when one of my super talented girlfriends pins a tutorial on how to make a bouquet of roses from crepe paper, it shows up in my feed and I can “repin” it to one of my boards.

Its like designing your very own Martha Stewart magazine.  All your favorite things in one place.  At a mere two months old, Ive already got Gigi’s first birthday all planned out!  🙂
I think I’ve figured out why I love it so much…
I appreciate organization way more than I am actually gifted in organization.
Pinterest allows me to have a virtually organized life….
……even if reality is far from such.
Happy Pinning and Puffy Painting!

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