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Friday, July 15, 2011

July 10th 8:04 pm
After the first round of cake with Uncle DJ who shares my birthday, I got to stay up late on my birthday-eve so Mommy could put sponge rollers in my hair.

Its my last snuggle with my blanket. For months we’ve had a plan. When I turn 5, Im going to give up my blanket and stop sucking my thumb. And if I do, I get a special date with Mommy and Daddy to pick out my very own baby doll. I snuggle hard! Its knotted and stained and tattered and frayed…and very loved!

July 11th 6:26am
Its my Birthday and I tell everyone early! First things first. A present from Grandmoni that Ive been holding onto for a week. Ive carried it around everywhere waiting for this day and I didnt even peek!
I surrender my blanket.
Mommy might have cried. Just a bit.
I didnt.

We take my curlers out. I look gorgeous. All my sisters say so!

After breakfast fit for a queen, Mommy takes me and her camera out to snap my first five-year-old photos.

Its tea time. Is it too early for more birthday cake? I think not.

Im a two-lumps-of-sugar kind of tea drinker! Sometimes three.
We eat with our pinkies up and call eachother “darling“.
A girl can never have to many pretty bracelets, you know!

More presents. Tristan gives me one of his hard earned crisp dollar bills. Abi bought me something smelly with her own money at Bath & Bodyworks. Britain and Evie share half filled bottles of their favorite nail polish and lip gloss.
I take some time out of my busy morning for a pedicure.

Daddy is my chauffeur. He escorts us to the car. First stop, Starbucks. Daddy gets me a frappuccino.
With whipped cream of course!

We arrive at the doll hospital where I get to adopt a baby. Looking through the window, I see so many sweet babies needing a great mommy like me.

I know exactly what Im looking for and Daddy helps me find it. I wanted an Asian baby because I love India and China. I keep asking Daddy when he will take me there….someday!

Its a big job adopting a baby. I have to promise to love and take care of her. I help the nurse weigh her, measure her and listen to her heart.

And then I have to write my name with a pen….that has a plume of course!

The adoption is complete and Im a very happy little momma bringing my baby home from the hospital.
I decide to name her Rosabella.

She and baby Gigi are friends already.

One more stop before home. A cake shop where I choose a huge slice of coconut cream.
It was a pretty special date.
5 is looking like a promising year!

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