Please Dirty Your Knees!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our family has been the object of much prayer over the last couple of years. You dear friends have banded with us to support us through trials with our daughter and a great deal of heartache. I am asking you again tonight to dirty your knees on our behalf and lift up my brother to the Great Physician!

Zachary has contracted a serious Staph Infection that is resistant to antibiotics which has rapidly spread through his body and he is in critical condition. Doctors have surgically tried to remove eight abscesses over his body and there are 5 more that they are trying to treat with mega antibiotics. Word today is that his kidneys are not functioning properly and he may have to be put on dialysis. The pain has been out of control and discussions are taking place right now as to whether he should be transferred to a University Hospital.
Our hearts are aching as we remember this very familiar helpless feeling exactly two years ago right now. We are beseeching you to stand with us in prayer for Zachary and his dear wife and six precious children. We have seen firsthand the miraculous hand of the Lord’s healing. God be near again!!

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