Picture Perfect…almost (Isabelle takes the cake in this one!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Not that I would imagine there are too many of you who really want an 8×10 of the Smith family hanging in your living room 🙂  However, wanted to share an online gallery from a photo session a friend did for us this fall.  If any of you Columbia area residents are looking to have a family portrait done, you should check out Kickstand Studio!  We love Lee and think he captured the essence of our crazy crew beautifully…he had the kids very relaxed and laughing most of the time.  Click the link below for your entertainment:

Smith Family Portraits

  • Lara says:

    In Isabelle’s defense — SOMEONE had to do it!!! Such a precious picture! It will be a favorite in your house forever! See you soon!

  • Jess says:

    The pictures are wonderful! You have a beautiful family. Just wanted to tell you that I am thinking about y’all and praying that Thursday goes well. I am off that day so if you need anything, please call. My cell # is 240-6610. Talk to you soon.

  • Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The pictures of Chad and you with each child are so telling of the special and unique relationship you have with each of them…oh, the tears! BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Love you & praying for Evie tomorrow~ Rebecca

  • toni says:

    Has the time expired to see the photos? Says we need a password…would love to see pictures of y’all.

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