Perfectly Pinkalicious

Sunday, February 19, 2012
We’ve had such a sweet weekend full of surprises and indulgent treats!

My awesome sisters came to visit for the weekend and very graciously babysat to give C and I a post-Valentine date last night.  We enjoyed a very romantic night on the town with no baby accompanying us….that was a first!  The only thing better than a couples massage and dinner at a fancy restaurant was that fact that we had gift certificates to each.  (why are free things always more fun?)
We felt absolutely spoiled. 
I was equally excited about our girly-girls night planned for tonight.  My 4 big girls and their aunties and I took them to the Columbia Children’s Theatre.  If you have a daughter under the age of 8 and have not read Pinkalicious, shame on you!  
We have checked it out of the library no less than a dozen times.  (We could own it by now for the amount of times we’ve paid overdue charges for late returns:)
Its a glittery-pink book that is dog-eared from lots of loving hands of little girls! 
The local theatre was putting on a production of Pinkalicious and as soon as my friend Lara told me it was showing, I knew we had to make it!  The Columbia Children’s Theatre is one of the city’s best-kept-secrets.  Its quaint with not a bad seat in the house.  A comfortable environment with enough glitz and glam to ignite an appreciation for the arts!  The girls loved it and Evie was on the edge of her seat (aka, my lap) the entire time!
Of course you cant watch the Pinkalicious story unfold and not get a hankering for cupcakes…, to Cupcake we went following the curtain call.

This has got to be the cutest place in town.  Pink and brown ‘Neapolitan’ striped decor make this establishment a candyland fairytale.  Made fresh daily, there are always 9 varieties of flavors to choose from.

Aah….decisions, decisions.  Red Velvet?  French Toast?  Black Bottom?  Whats your pleasure?

 Small wonder I had 4 sleeping girls in the back seat when we pulled into our driveway.  Is there such thing as too much fun?  I think not!

This little cupcake had better get a good night sleep.  She has an extra-special unforgettable day ahead tomorrow.  Cant wait to share…………later!

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