Wednesday, September 15, 2010

That’s the word that keeps coming to mind when I reflect on the past weekend.
It was ordained.
Appointed and established since before the beginning of time.
No one would choose the circumstances that brought our families together…..
April 2007, a precious baby girl Maggie Jane was born into a loving family in Missouri. Upon her discharge exam from the newborn nursery, it was discovered that she had half a heart and would require a series of surgeries to sustain her.
Nine months later, and hundreds of miles away, we welcomed our Evangeline Shalom and soon learned that she had a broken heart desperately needing immediate repair.
Somewhere in the months that followed as we wadded through the deep waters of grief and fear and searched for camaraderie and support, Maggie’s mom Faith and I stumbled upon eachother’s blogs. We have shared such similar stories and in the months that followed have been privileged to pray eachother’s sweet-hearts through surgeries and celebrate the many small victories that come with our heart babes passing milestones and embracing life.
Fast forward to this past April…… My friend Faith welcomed another precious new healthy baby girl. We were completely humbled and honored that they chose to name their wee one after our Evangeline.

Maggie, Baby Evie and Evie
It was fitting that we should meet in person! Faith, Maggie, Evie and their sweet, talented grandmother Jane made the long 13 hour treck to visit us in our home for 4 days. Picture this, 6 girls under 1 roof ages 1,2,3,4,5 and 8. (……poor Tristan!)
It was absolutely moving to see these two heart-sisters loving life and making memories together!

Evie was intrigued with another baby sharing her name. Anticipating their visit, she kept referring to baby me coming to my house?” A hard concept for a 2 year old to grasp. 🙂
So very blessed to call them friends! Thanking the Lord for the gifts that come in packages we would never choose ourselves. His sovereignty and goodness leaves me overwhelmed tonight. His hand…..it has led us through the Valley of the Shadow
…and has extended the blessing of friendship through this road of uncertainty.
A very heart-felt thanks to Faith for the ADORABLE matching dresses she made for the girls. And to Jane for the amazing photographs she took! Such special memories captured!

  • What a sweet story…so precious! The girls look like they’ve been friends forever.

    And “baby me,” now that’s adorable! 🙂 The pictures are beautiful!

  • Jane says:

    The weekend was WONDERFUL! You are such a gracious hostess, and your family is precious beyond words. Thank you SO much for allowing me to visit in your home. I really do hope you will be all of your images from the weekend on a disc for me. I will get you yours soon.
    Blessings, Jane

  • Faith M. says:

    Thank you so much. I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, I’m afraid of doing my own post and it sounding much like your own. I laid in bed last night and thought about what I would post and without reading yours, it sounded very much the same. I will get mine up in the next couple of days. I truely enjoyed every moment with your beautiful family. Thank you so much for everything.

    Love you,

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