One Last Hurrah!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Sweet Evie turned 5 the day before we left.
This momma had a bit of a meltdown when the tickets were booked and the realization set in that I would not have the capacity to throw one last party with all of our worldly possessions packed away in a POD.
Plan B…
Turn it over to someone highly more qualified…my mother!
I knew two things:
1) she is infinitely more creative and I could rest assured that Evie would have an over-the-top celebration in spite of our transient predicament
2) Mother would need a project.
A diversion and party to plan would keep her chin up and be a distraction from the looming reality that we’d be departing the next day.
I told her I didnt want this to be a goodbye party.  No tears that night.  I wanted a celebration.
All about Evie.
….And she did!!
The theme was “Snow”.  We’re quite certain with temps 75 and above year-round here in Bangkok, that we wont see the likes of snow for a very….long….time.
Get this….the meteorologist was calling for snow flurries all day:)!!!  Mother pulled off a glittering winter-wonderland!
A soup supper for some extended family was perfect for the chilly January night.  My crafty sisters got on board with creating winter magic.  Josie filled cupcakes with custard and piped on icing with glitter sprinkles and white chocolate snow flakes.
And Diana made delicate no-one-like-another crystalized snow flake cookies with intricate cut outs and royal icing decorations.  Ah-mazing!
And, my sweet friend Helen (yep, the genius behind the airplane cookies!!) surprised us with a shipment of cake-pops all decorated in theme.
So “Narnia-ish”!!
So perfect!
Putting Evie in “blue” for her birthday party kinda made me chuckle.
As my nurse friend Judy says, it was so NOT a becoming color on her when she was born.  That was one SICK smurf baby!!
She totally rocked it for her party tho!

So fun to have one last celebration to rally around and another chance to hug the necks of those dearest to us.
Oh how we’ll miss these cousins!

Grandmoni pulled off such a special 5th birthday celebration.  10 years ago, she threw the twins FIRST birthday as we were en-route to Ukraine.  Now Evie celebrates her 5th with bags packed for Bangkok. What an unusual childhood.
But what stories they’ll have to tell!!
Here’s to our beautiful snow queen…..with happy anticipation of warmer days ahead!

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