One Day Closer to Home

Friday, March 16, 2012

We are biding our time another day here at the Children’s Hospital. The plan was to discharge us this morning, but Abi spiked a fever last night. They drew labs which are showing inflamation and an elevated white blood cell count. Her body is fighting infection…we’re just not sure what.

She’s been out on broad spectrum antibiotics to treat the possibilities:
1) an infection or abscess resulting from the surgery.
2) developing pneumonia from secretions in her lungs that are not working out since she’s been so sedentary.

So we’ve worked hard trying to get her a bit more mobile today. She got up for a shower today and even made a lap around the floor without her IV pole for support. The respiratory therapist is working to strengthen her lung capacity. Her spirits have been up today and she’s been a bit more talkative, although she still tires easily. Oh, and she ate today!! As in, one bite of pancake, 3 potato chips, orwnge juice and a mini Reeses peanut butter cup.
But, that’s progress!

Her fever peeked again after a nap this afternoon, but is normal now. So…..we watch and wait. Hopefully with a good nights sleep we’ll get good reads on her blood tomorrow and can be on our way home. Kids are really missing big sissy!

As much as I long to have our family reunited after nearly a month apart (C was in India for 3 weeks up until her surgery), this has had its sweet moments. I depend on Abi a lot. She’s so mature and responsible. Capable and helpful! Its been sweet to have time to love on my girl and give her one-on-one care without anyone else clamouring for attention. Grateful for those caring for my other children so I can be here for her and give her the attention she needs.

I hope to be updating from the comfort of my own desk tomorrow.

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