Oh The Places You’ll Go…

Friday, March 9, 2012
Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” ~Dr. Seuss
In honor of Dr. Seuss’ Birthday, the kids had a whole week of “themed” apparel they were allowed to wear to school every day.
Pajama day.
Stripes Day.
Whacky Feet Day
…..Look who won 1st place in the whole school?  Funny thing is, we called them “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” in utero when we didn’t know if we were having boys or girls.  They came home beaming that they were getting their picture in the yearbook for the funniest feet!
And Britain was pretty pumped about her Cindy Lou Who “do” for Crazy Hair Day!
A half-day this week seemed like a great time to see The Lorax with friends.  We had gift certificates to see it at the Columbiana Grande (aka, the nice theatre in town:)  We rarely go to movies.  And when we do take this gang, its usually to the Dollar Theater.  But, Id forgotten what a treat it was to be in  a “clean” theatre with seats that aren’t broken and screens that don’t cut out in the middle of the movie:)
And, we found that “liking” Grand Regal Cinema on Facebook gives you weekly discounts on tickets and concessions.
A huge treat and super fun outing!

They thought they were super cool dudes rockin’ the 3D glasses.  (look at Evie below:)  This was the first 3D movie we’d ever seen together.  It was adorable…during the first 30 minutes of the movie, I just watched the little kids who were trying to reach out and “touch” the images coming towards them!
I was feeling pretty great about getting through a movie with 8 kids and no spills, accidents or missing children.  
That was a great day.
 That was yesterday.
Today, however, was not so great!  We spent it at the hospital exploring the possibility of appendicitis with Abi.  7 hours and many expensive tests and procedures later, we know its not appendicitis.  Now if we can just figure out what it is before the weekend!  She has pretty acute pain in her lower right abdomen.  Been a rough day.   
Here’s to more fantastic, fun, magical, nonsense-filled, imaginative, mixed-up, silly, wonder-full days of childhood ahead.  
Thank you Dr. Seuss for the memories!

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