Monday, June 15, 2009

June 14th


Thanks for all who have had Evie on their radar and been praying for her health on this trip.  She is a terrible sleeper.  Has been since day one.  Pain was a contributing factor for months and then the steroids she’s on for her asthma don’t help.  She fights sleep.  The nightly ritual is to hold and walk her to sleep which usually doesn’t happen until 11:00.  She’s an early riser and a lousy napper. Spoiled rotten, I know!  Imagine my surprise when she started sleeping 12 hours through the night and napping a couple hours twice a day.   When her sats dropped and she started throwing up, I got concerned and called her pediatrician who talked me through the symptoms.  She concluded that Evie has altitude sickness which can present in babies, especially those with compromised respiratory systems.  The lower oxygen at 5,000 feet really wears her out.   So long as we keep her on oxygen at night, she does fine and I’m enjoying unbroken nights of sleep! 


Any of you watch Little House on the Prairie growing up?  Remember the intro when little sister Carrie follows Laura through the long grass and falls down….. Here are my little pioneer girlsJ

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