Monday, March 14, 2016

Every day this week we will have a different boutique featured and ways for you to enter to win a $300 Shopping Spree to do a room makeover of your own!!  All entries will be tallied at the end and a winner drawn….have fun!!

BEDDING & TEEPEE by Erie’s Baby Studio

Nursery Makeover-Maternity-78

We’re launching today with a big splash of color and creative customization for our nursery-in-the-making.  I gave Erie’s Baby Studio the color scheme and voila!! …..they made the magic!  Baby brother is set up with a custom crib set featuring a crib skirt, fitted sheet and adorable patchwork blanket.

Nursery Makeover-Maternity-95

This boutique worked tirelessly with me refining my specifications according to crib size and scaling the crib skirt to meet the settings on the mattress height.  Ordering from them was a joy and they tailor made everything to fit the theme we were aiming for.

Nursery Makeover-Maternity-76

Their one-of-a-kind handmade teepee makes a unique alternative to a “reading chair”.  This playful corner will give our wild indian some “quiet time” or be a good reading corner for Gigi while Im nursing the baby.

Nursery Makeover-Maternity-31

Plush faux fur mat on the bottom and color coordinated cushions make for a perfectly comfy hideaway for rest time and make-believe!  Complete customization options allow you to pick from a wide variety of chic fabric choices, pompoms, bunting banner accessories and tent tie-backs that give you a nursery unlike any other.  These teepees are quite the “rage” in the toddler/tyke world these days and little brother is gonna love his little niche!

Nursery Makeover-Maternity-104

We’d me amiss to not mention that Erie’s Baby Studio also hand crafts teething pads and stylish storage bags for Ergo and popular brand baby carriers.  These keep you from constantly having to wash your carrier and instead, simply snap off the teether pads and launder them.


We love the trendy fabrics and timeless style that Erie’s Baby Studio embodies and their creative genius which has so beautifully launched our first day of our Nursery Makeover!

Nursery Makeover-Maternity-130


You have multiple ways to enter the giveaway each day.  Entries will be tallied at the end and a winner will be drawn early next week

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