Not Me Monday

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

For my blogging friends, no, Im not usually a Not Me Monday participant…but this day centered around the adorable antics of a two year old had to be documented.  (And, I needed a “lighter” cause for posting today!!)  For those not familiar with this, Not Me Monday is a chance for moms to (confess) …ahem…I mean pass the buck and clear any misconception about what they absolutely did not do. That being said, without further adieu… 

No, I would never let my child play out in the rain or swing an umbrella around with the dangerous spokes as though it were a golf club. 

And…since it is universally known that two-year-olds hate naptime, I will have to assume that my daughters ever compliant, even eager attitude to take her afternoon siesta is a direct result of my careful training.  Not because I use coercion and bribery and she knows she gets to share a a hand-full of chocolate chips with mommy at nap time every day.  Nope.  What kind of mom would stoop to such tactics?  Not me!

And you know those little kid crafts with the peanut butter and the bird seed that you hang in your yard and attract birds?  I absolutely did not find the one that was lovingly created two weeks ago within Isabelle’s clutch outside today and tell-tale signs of an afternoon snack all over her face!
ooh gross!  
Since Im sure that all you “with it” moms out there have never has such moments, Im glad I don’t have to clarify that it was NOT ME!!

The jury is still out on Evie.  We meet with the Pulmonologist tomorrow who conducted her surgery, so please keep praying we’ll get answers and a game plan!

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