Newly Nine

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to two of the cutest kids I know. Tristan and Abi, where has the time gone since I brought my tiny newborn twins home from the hospital? Oooohhh…..just stop with the growing!!!
It was not the year for a huge party with a new baby and all, but we’ve been spreading out the celebration.

Lots of family.

Lots of cake.

Lots of lakeside living fun.

Lots of laughs

And a swimming pool full of water balloons!

Your daddy and I are so proud of how you are maturing. Second grade was a lot of work for you, but you have applied yourself and excelled in many new things. I am so touched by your sensitive heart too. Last week, I was driving somewhere with just you and Gigi in the car. You passed up the opportunity to ride shotgun next to mom, because you wanted to sit in the back beside the baby. As we were driving, you said;
“You know mom…..when Evie was a baby, I was too young to really understand how sick she was. I was only 5 and didnt really know all that was going on.
But Im older now.”
We talked. You expressed that you were worried about Gigi’s heart. I told you they had checked her heart before we left the hospital. You wanted to know why they didnt check Evies before she was sent home at birth.
…good question!
I sat and listened to your wise beyond your years observations about “when you were younger” and your sweet tenderhearted concern for your new baby sister.
And I gave thanks.
For the things…the hard things sometimes…that have shaped you into the observant, caring, protective, wise young man that you are!
Im so proud to be mom to you….my favorite son:)!!

Abi dear,
What a delight it is to have you as a daughter….

You have risen to the task of being the oldest sister to this gaggle of girls and they all love to follow your lead. They so look forward to your “lessons” when you sit them down and play school and teach them everything you are learning.
I so appreciate your responsibility in your school work, your diligence in your chores at home, and your focus and keeping mommy on task as my right-hand-girl! I love those driven bits of your daddy’s temperament that you’ve got!
You bring so much joy to our lives with your bouncy, life loving attitude. You’re the first one up every morning, ready and eager to greet the day. Your teachers sing your praises about your exceptional character and academic success. It is beautiful to me that the little diabetic girl in your class chose you out of all your school mates to be her companion to take her back and forth for her insulin checks at the nurses office every day. You are a good friend and I love seeing your compassion and concern for others.
You are growing into such a lovely, accomplished, joyful, genuine young lady and you are truly beautiful….inside and out!
Happy Birthday you two!!
So blessed to be your mother.
My dreams have come true thanks to the gift I was given nine years ago……YOU!!

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