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Saturday, January 24, 2015



A writing sample from her 1st grade “star student” week.

Ive asked for help on my personal Facebook page and wanted to put it out here to our sweet, supportive blog friends as well…..I need a little help with a project Im working on.  🙂

This coming week, we celebrate Evie’s 7 year “heart-iversary” and this momma has an idea.  A little visual for her.  A world map identifying all the places where people were praying for her along her heart journey.

So, if you remember…… maybe you were a recipient of this first email……or followed our blog early on her heart journey through the many tests and procedures…..or have come alongside us on this path……IF YOU HAVE PRAYED FOR OUR GIRL somewhere along the way, can I ask something of you?  Would you kindly leave a comment with your name, city, state and country?   Excited for Evie to have this little keepsake showing her the love and support that has been showered over her her whole life.

There is no greater joy than seeing this child living in a knowledge of Gods great care for her.


circa 2012 (Evie coined this pose before Taylor made it cliché! 🙂



Awed by all those who have loved and prayed for her!  THANK YOU!

  • Rebecca says:

    i prayed for little Evie while I was living in Edinburgh, Scotland and now I pray for your family from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Also, when you go on your Disney cruise this summer, where are you leaving from? It wouldn’t be anywhere near here would it? It would be so fun to see you after all these years.

  • shanna Uptergrove says:

    She is truly a miracle child.

    Shanna Uptergrove
    Amarillo, TX

  • Kelly Cadenhead says:

    Kelly Cadenhead
    Brewton, AL

  • lona mcclain says:

    Lots of love and prayers from Lona McClain in Cincinnati Ohio! I have been following your blog from the beginning and love seeing the journey

  • Gwen says:

    Gwen Averitt
    Dallas, Texas

    Evie, You have continued to be in our prayers. It is such a blessing to watch (through your mother’s blog) as you grow.

  • The Loudermilk Family says:

    Columbia, SC

  • Amelinda says:

    Amelinda Spek
    Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

  • Libby says:

    Reading, following, smiling, and praying from Cedarburg, Wisconsin!

  • Brielle says:

    St. George, Utah USA

  • Virginia says:

    Virginia Wason
    Huntingtown, MD

  • Kelly says:

    I have prayed many prayers for your sweet girl!

    Kelly from St Paul, MN, USA

  • Lloyd and Nataliya Hanebury says:

    We love you!!! You are so dear to our hearts!!! We have kept you in our prayers when we lived in Kyiv, Ukraine and now in San Francisco, CA
    Many hugs & kisses!!! xoxo

  • Brooke Burmeister says:

    Berkley, MI, USA

  • Lucianne says:

    Lucianne Broschinsky
    Riverton, Utah, USA

  • Melissa says:

    Melissa Miller
    Camarillo, CA

  • anne says:

    currently, Makarivka, Ukraine <3

  • Janalee Smith says:

    Columbia, SC

  • Mary Madeline Whittinghill says:

    Woodstock, GA

  • Juliana says:

    Rochester, NY USA

  • Pat Hatch says:

    Dear Evie, We have followed your blog from the very moment we heard how sick you were. For many years our families have been connected. We prayed that you would heal and run and play and you have. We live in Maine which is a long way from where you are. But maybe someday we can visit. Your great grammie and my mom were best friends when they were little girls. Now they are together again in heaven with God. We all love you very much Evie. Pat and “Your Maine Family”

  • The Gecks says:

    Dear Evie,
    in Gemany we have been praying for you and your family since the beginning of your adventurous life. Following your Mom’s blog, we are so happy to see how the Lord has done great things in your life and we praise Him for it!
    The Gecks

  • Kristen says:

    I have read your blog for years and prayed for Evie from Orchard Park, NY (near Buffalo)

  • Peggy Melzer says:

    I knew 2 other “heart babies” that I was praying for and I was following their blogs when I found this blog. Evie was about 2-3 years old at the time. I started praying for her and your whole family and I still pray for her and all the “heart babies” and their families. I pray that Evie will be able to enjoy a healthy, happy and holy life.

    I live in Chandler, Arizona, USA

  • Andrea Olson says:

    Grand Forks, North Dakota

  • Rachel C says:

    Prayers from South Bend, Indiana 🙂

  • Jessica, Jeff, Kaya, Kade, and Priya says:

    We absolutely love you Evie and hope you had a wonderful birthday! You are always in our prayers! You have such a wonderful, supportive family. We are so blessed to be a part of your big world! Stay sweet, keep learning, and show the world how powerful you are!

    Prayers and support from Bangkok, Thailand

  • Saundra Jones says:

    Evie, you were 2 or 3 years old when I found your blog. I’ve been praying ever since
    and it has been wonderful to see you grow and love life.
    Prayers continue from Mansfield Ohio

  • Audra Erwin says:

    The Erwin’s- Brett and Audra have been praying and watching God’s work in healing first hand through your blog Mandy
    Love from Bucyrus Ohio

  • Kelly Lawson says:

    I have kept up with your blog posts since you helped deliver my niece, Kylea! Many thoughts and prayers have been sent your way!
    Charleston, SC.

  • Catherine Beckemeyer says:

    I was friends with Evie’s uncle Isaac when she was born and prayed for her then from Roswell, GA. I then moved to High Point, NC and continued following the blog and praying for your sweet daughter.

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