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Sunday, November 3, 2013
I recently upgraded my camera and let C take my other one with him on his trip to India last week.
Im a little worried C is going to steal my dream job!
I have this fantasy that someday National Geographic will “discover” me and ask me to travel the world….exotic locations….dilapidated slums….historical events….and photograph for them.  
Far fetched, I know….but what an incredible way that would be to “marry” my passions.  
Photography & Travel!
While I wouldn’t wish away a single moment of my life these days filled with the small needs of young children and the delighting in the simple things that delight their heart, I love the prospect that someday I will get to be C’s travel companion and capture this wide world through my lens.
Clearly, C has an eye for it too.  Maybe National Geographic would take us as a team:)
I loved getting a window into his world and thought Id share.  
The beauty, the color, the filth, the poverty, the men he works with, the trainings he leads, the masses of people, the lost, the emotion….
These are the people and places he frequents in India as he teaches and equips leaders in their vision for church planting and reaching their nation for Christ.  
While the rigors of our chaotic life and exhaustion of a traveling husband wear me out from time to time, I can say with unwavering resolve, I love that my husband loves his job!  He is so uniquely gifted for the calling God has placed on his life and I am deeply grateful that he is able to follow his passions and strengths as a leader in working with this national movement and seeing Christ made known to the nations!
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